Yes, The Tesla Cybertruck is a Real Truck

by Jack

After the now notorious unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck, like most, I felt a bit perplexed. Is the world ready for such a drastic change? Is the widely admired fictional cyberpunk dystopia actually where we are heading as a society? When the Cybertruck hits the road, it will definitely draw eyes, but for what reason? After the questionable thoughts settled, I went ahead and did the obvious thing, and ordered one.

As with anything new and unfamiliar, public opinion is split on this one. Will this end up another low production niche vehicle like the Hummer or that weird 6-wheeled Mercedes G-Wagon? Will it capture the millennial market and roam within the streets of Silicon Valley? Will it become a military-grade vehicle to govern our streets? Clearly, it’s not a truck. It’s everything but a truck.

Only it is a truck. Coming in at right around the same size as a Ford F-150, it puts the Ford F-150 to shame. It can tow more, carry more, and can launch much, much, faster. At 500 miles of range, it even compares in distance traveled per “tank”. It also seems to top out the fan-favorite electric truck, the Rivian R1T.

  Tesla Cybertruck Rivian R1T Ford F150
Max Payload 3,500 lbs. TBA 3,270 lbs.
Max Towing 14,000 lbs. 11,000 lbs. 13,200 lbs.
Max Range 500+ Miles 400+ Miles 500+ Miles
Top Speed TBA 125 mph 110 mph
0-60 mph 2.9 sec. 3.0 sec. 5.1 sec.

Tesla even presented a straight competition between the Cybertruck and F-150, showing the electric truck absolutely abusing the F-150. An executive from Ford did state that it was not a fair comparison due to the F-150 chosen only having two-wheel drive rather than four. However, they have yet to post a test of their own.

While the Tesla Cybertruck tops all lists regarding specs, everyone seems to be caught on the looks. “It doesn’t look like a truck” is the only thing that we have been hearing since its debut. Sure, it doesn’t look like a truck, today. But the Cybertruck isn’t today’s truck, it’s the truck of the future.

In terms of literally everything else, it fits the bill plus some. With its comparable dimensions of 231.7″ long, 79.8″ wide, and 75.0″ high, it seats six adults. The 6.5’ bed plus frunk comes lockable with 100 cubic feet of storage. With clearance angles of 35° approach and 28° departure along with the adaptive air suspension, you can even take this beast off-road. Onboard power outlets for both 110V and 220V as well as a built-in air compressor has this outdoing the best work trucks available today. Also, let’s not forget full self-driving which is scheduled to be ready long before the release of this electric truck.

Maybe the design won’t win the hearts of the old truck lovers set in their ways, but without the stand-out cyberpunk architecture, it wouldn’t have won the hearts of the new age truck enthusiasts. Regardless of Tesla’s design choices, this is one of the best trucks on the market tomorrow.

It just works. Tesla isn’t reaching to create a new demographic of cyberpunk enthusiasts, they aren’t selling a gimmicky electric vehicle, they’re selling a truck. Sure, it looks different, but so did the first iPhone. This might be just one of the many electric trucks to soon hit the market, but the Tesla Cybertruck is the only one to steal the show from the rest.

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