The Tesla Model 3 Track Package Breakdown

by Adam Phillips

The Tesla Model 3, you know it, you love it; but maybe you can’t help but wonder if you could get a little more bang for your buck. With a range of 322 miles per charge, and a 0-60 speed of 3.2 seconds, the Tesla Model 3 is already an all-electric marvel, so what more could they possibly offer? As it happens, the best thing in electric cars just got better. Tesla recently announced the upcoming release of the Model 3 Track Package, which will expand upon the performance upgrade to make your Tesla a force to be reckoned with on the track. Ahead, we’ll get into the details and answer some questions you may have about what to expect from this exciting package.

What Does The Package Include?
According to the Tesla website, the package includes the following parts, as well as installation:

  • 4 x 20” x 9” Zero-G Performance wheels
  • 4 x Tesla logo center caps
  • 20 x Lug nut covers
  • 4 x 245/35ZR20 XL Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires
  • 4 x tire pressure sensors
  • 1 x front and rear high-performance brake pads
  • 1 x track-focused brake fluid


The 9” wide Zero-G wheels are 0.5 inches wider than the factory model wheels. These wider wheels mean more sustainable acceleration over longer distances. These tires are designed for use on a controlled track, which means you’ll get the best possible performance in dry conditions, and at high speeds.

Center Caps

The center caps are sleek and minimalistic. It is Tesla after all, so you should expect nothing less than a polished look that is always pleasing to the eye. While a great set of center caps is not going to make or break you at the track, you can’t really put a price tag on a smart new look.


Originally created for the Ferrari 458, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are designed to increase circuit times. While they are certain to give your Tesla an advantage on the track, keep in mind that these tires are not recommended for wet conditions.


When we think of speeding around the track, we usually don’t spend a lot of time imagining ourselves riding the brakes; but this is a vitally important part of the overall performance of your vehicle. In fact, braking has a nuanced technique of its own. You can have all the knowledge and skill in the world, but you’ll need the best equipment to go with it. Since many Tesla drivers were giving feedback about the performance model brakes, claiming that they were still a little too small, the Model 3 Track Package offers another upgrade to the brake pads. The Track Package also includes track-focused brake fluid. With these upgrades, you will not only be assured of a safer driving experience, but also see noticeable improvements in your brake’s responsiveness on turns.

How Much Does the Tesla Model 3 Track Package Cost?

We all love the idea of being behind the wheel of a fully upgraded electric beast out on the track, but we have to ask ourselves what kind of price tag are they putting on it? The Tesla Model 3 Track Package costs $5,500 before taxes. Considering the huge upgrade you will be getting, that is surprisingly affordable. It actually compares nicely with other manufacturers track packages. Keep in mind that the package is only compatible with the Performance Tesla Model 3. The option is currently only available after delivery as Tesla has yet to add it to their online configurator.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, how about this? The cost of the package includes installation and shipping, and Tesla will send the parts to the service center of your choice. Parts and labor are fully included, so the cost seems pretty reasonable.

Previously we saw the Model 3 Long Range receive an aftermarket software option to upgrade it’s acceleration. That performance upgrade costs about $2,000 and takes a half of a second off the original 0-60 speed. These two additions show Tesla’s potential to continuously release purchasable updates and upgrades to cars previously sold, outdoing all other manufacturers.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

When considering a new upgrade, it’s easy to get excited and dive in headfirst without weighing the cost versus the benefit.

The pros are probably rather obvious. The improved speed and performance on the track is exactly the reason you’re interested in this package in the first place. The high performance wheels, tires, and brakes are well worth the cost if you spend a lot of time on the track.

Another pro is that the Track Package is street-legal. That’s good news for anyone that spends time in their Tesla both on and off the track.

That brings us to the only major con. The Track Package is intended for use on the track, in dry conditions. Wet road conditions are going to seriously lower the performance. It could negatively affect your daily driving conditions, in theory. But Tesla has attempted to overcome this with Tesla Track Model V2, an abundance of easily adjusted software available on all Performance Tesla Model 3’s. This separates the track settings from standard driving conditions.

Another unfortunate con that some Tesla owners may not have considered is that the Track Package will lower your miles-per-charge. This package is meant to improve speed and performance on the track, so it does sacrifice some efficiency as far as battery life is concerned. If you count on those miles-per-charge, and you aren’t willing to sacrifice a little for better track performance, the Track Package might not actually be right for you.

Software can only help so much in this case. Sure, disabling performance features will improve efficiency but the new wheels alone will negatively affect range overall.

When is The Tesla Track Package Available?

According to the website, they hope to start shipping parts in April of this year, 2020. That’s good news for Tesla enthusiasts who don’t want to wait to get out on that track. Another bit of good news is that the Track Package is available to order right now. You can go to the website and place your order, so that you can get that upgrade as soon as they start shipping.

Whether you’re trying to set new records on the track, or just want to show off with some awesome burnouts, the Tesla Model 3 Track Package might be right for you. It is receiving great reviews from the few YouTubers that were allowed to test it out in anticipation of its release. Feel free to search a few videos for yourself so you can see it in action.

As if Tesla enthusiasts didn’t already have enough to be excited about, the Track Package adds one more reason to go all-electric. Tesla and race enthusiasts have already been modifying their cars to hit the track. With this new OEM package, we sure expect to see the Model 3 hit the track at higher than ever rates.

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