It Looks Like Tesla Has Canceled the Long Range RWD Model Y

by Denis Gurskiy

One day it’s the Standard Range being canceled, the next it’s the Long Range RWD Model Y being canceled. The Tesla Model Y lineup continues to be in a state of flux as all of its originally unveiled trims have yet to be released. It now looks like the Long Range RWD Model Y will be canceled according to readers reaching out to Teslarati. Of course, we’ve heard of the cancellation of the Standard Range from Elon Musk himself before, but yet we still started off the new year with a new Model Y, so who knows anymore.

During the middle of last year, we were expecting to have no SR Model Y and one LR RWD Model Y based on Musk’s tweets last year stating that they could not get the SR version above the 250-mile range sweet spot.

But yet here we are in 2021 with one SR Model Y with an “unacceptably low” range of 244 miles and no single motor LR to slot in between the SR and LR AWD versions of the Model Y.  And it looks like (for now) there won’t be an LR RWD version of the Model Y in our future.

According to Teslarati, several of their readers have been contacted by Tesla sales staff informing them that they will be unable to continue with their pre-order as the trim has been canceled and as such, they are asked if they would be interested in going forward with an order for the SR or LR AWD version. Teslarati also reached out to a Tesla Showroom who had a sales advisor confirm to them that Tesla would not be going forward with production of the LR RWD Model Y.

It also seems that buyers are able to keep their initial FSD pricing for the new order. So if someone was to pre-order back in March 2019 when FSD still cost $7,000, Tesla will honor that price for the new order instead of charging them the current $10,000 price.

As usual with Tesla, it is unclear what the definitive reason for the cancellation is. It is however par the course for the company as they constantly like to be fluid with their business and product offerings. My guess is that it has something to do with the LR RWD having a very narrow space that it could fit between the two other trims. With Musk claiming that they were able to get it over 300 miles of range, it would have started to cannibalize sales away from the LR AWD and make it seem like a worse value. At least that’s how I see it. Regardless, I look forward to writing an article about a year from now detailing the release of the LR RWD Model Y.

What do you guys think was the cause of the cancellation, and will it actually stay canceled? Let us know down in the comments below.

Source: Teslarati

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