Standard Range Tesla Model Y Cancelled, LR RWD Version Planned

by Denis Gurskiy

As is par for the course at Tesla, major lineup changes were announced via Elon Musk’s Twitter. This time is was confirming that the awaited Standard Range Model Y would be canceled, but a cheaper entry into the Model Y lineup would be making its way forward in a few months.

When Tesla first unveiled the Model Y, it provided us with a chart detailing the four different planned trims for the electric SUV. The chart included a Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor, and Performance version, all shown below.

Obviously many things have changed since the unveiling as Tesla was able to squeeze out some more performance from the cars before their debuts and has recently slashed the price of the Model Y by $3,000. As standard for Tesla and many other fledgling automakers, the more expensive versions of the car would make their debuts before some time down the line, the cheapest variant would make its way.

Up until yesterday, that was supposed to be the Standard Range Model Y, which was supposed to go into production early next year. However a recent twitter conversation from Musk shows that that is no longer the case and that the Standard Range Model Y is no more. 

In a response to a question about a change in the configurator getting rid of any mention of the Standard Range version, Musk replied:

As a consolidation, there will be a single motor Model Y with the big battery that will become the cheapest version of the Model Y. Is it possible for it to start at the same $39,000 that the Standard Range was supposed to start at? Probably not, but you are getting much more range. “Significantly more than 300 miles” in fact.

Honestly, given a cheap enough price, I am sure that most people would not have minded an EPA range of less than 250 miles, is pretty much what every other in EV in the market has at this point. It would be interesting to know if that was the actual reason, or perhaps its easier for production to have one battery for everyone, similar to how the early Model 3s had software locked batteries on the different ranges.

Tesla seems to be having trouble on the cheaper end of the spectrum as their much-hyped $35,000 Model 3 was short-lived before being relegated to being “off the menu” and now the cheapest Model Y has met the axe. Still, I doubt the few extra grand for perhaps 100 more miles of range will ruffle too many feathers.

What do you guys think the price will be? Do you believe the only reason the Standard Range model isn’t coming is due to poor range? Let us know down in the comments below.


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