$1.25 Million Electric Supercar Put up Against a Tesla Model S

by Denis Gurskiy

Ever since Tesla released the Model S, and especially the “P” variant of it, the car has been knocking around someone of the most expensive cars on the road during drag races and demonstrated the huge competitive advantage instantaneous torque has in electric motor. However, it appears that Drako Motor and its upcoming GTE are gunning or the top spot when it comes to electric car performance and has thrown down the gauntlet in their latest video showing a drag race between a P100D with Ludicrous Mode activated and their upcoming GTE electric supercar.

The performance Model S has been in some good company when it comes to 0-60 times, competing with the likes of the Porsche 918, Arial Atom, and Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, all of which are limited production cars that push themselves to the absolute limits. The Model S Performance can, however, be ordered and delivered in 4-7 weeks at the time of this writing.

Drako Motors, an electric automobile startup co-founded by Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand have been working for over a decade on their upcoming electric supercar and seek to try to beat the best of the best. To demonstrate this, they have decided to release a video of a drag race between their prototype model and a Tesla Model S P100D which has a stated 0-60 mph time of just 2.4 seconds.

As you can see, that even with Ludicrous Mode activated the GTE was able to handily beat the Model S in a drag race. The GTE is equipped with four motors, each rated for 225 kW, making a total output of 900 kW or 1200 hp. The other big thing that we cannot afford to overlook (literally) is the price and amount of planned units. The GTE will be limited to 25 cars and will each start at $1.25 million (or about 12 Model S Performances with $50,000 left over).

While it’s nice that the GTE appears to be faster (at least in a straight line with also no word about how many times it can repeat this launch), you would kind of expect that a $1.25 million car would beat the Model S. But then again, the Model S has been beating cars that have been many times its price, so maybe it is not such a simple expectation.

It seems that Tesla has not only ingrained itself in the electric world, but also in the performance world. Even though you can call electric motors “sterile”, the numbers don’t lie and Tesla vehicles can go head to head with the fastest of them.

For now the Drako GTE electric supercar can cross off the “faster than a Model S” line on its checklist, but it will be interesting to see what kind of range it will offer with so much power being drawn from a 90 kWh battery. Also with the Plaid upgrade coming to the Model S, the lead that the GTE has might not be so huge, or it might not even have a lead at all when compared to the new tri-motor powertrain.

We will continue to watch the development of Draco Motors and see if they transition into building more mass-produced cars (or at least more than just 25) in the future because I am definitely a fan or the design and performance that the GTE offers.

Drako Motor GTE Specifications:

  • Powertrain: Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors (225 kW each)
  • Horsepower: 1,200 hp
  • Wheel Torque: 6,500 ft-lbs / 8,880 nM
  • Top Speed: 206 mph
  • 0-60 mph Time: Unknown (Presumably at least faster than 2.4 seconds)
  • Battery Pack: 90 kWh
  • Range: Unknown
  • Charging Rate: 150 kW
  • Charging Protocol: Compatible with current widely available EV charging infrastructure:
    J1772, CCS, CHAdeMO

More information on the car and company can be found here.

What do you guys think of this electric supercar? Let us know down in the comments below.

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