Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model Y Size Comparison

by Jack
Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model Y is expected to go into production later this year with deliveries beginning soon after. The new electric crossover has already been officially unveiled but many considering placing an order are still stranded with questions. Without a physical model to touch and feel, getting an idea for its overall size and comfort can be challenging. Luckily, with a few prototype models driving around we’ve gotten a few more looks at the next best-in-class vehicle. Let’s take a look at the Tesla Model Y size compared with other vehicles and most importantly the Model 3.

Technically, the Tesla Model Y isn’t a crossover, rather a compact crossover. This just means that it’s on the smaller end of the sizing spectrum which makes sense since Tesla already has a crossover, the Model X. In this new lineup of vehicles, the Model Y is to the Model X as the Model 3 is to the Model S. It’s a smaller, compact, and more affordable version for someone who doesn’t need all that space.

The Model Y is largely based on the Model 3 sharing around 75% of its components and as such, the two compare nicely. When first unveiled many were shocked to see just how similar the two vehicles were. Musk originally stated that the new electric crossover would be just 10% larger than the Model 3. 10% might not seem like a lot but it multiplied the available cargo space by over 4x giving it even more room than a Model S. Tesla even claims the compact crossover can fit seven adult passengers. While probably not comfortable, the Model Y is fitted with a third-row option. If you have ever tried to sit in the third-row of even the Model X then you can probably imagine that the supposed third-row in a Model Y will fit only the smallest of adults. Regardless of the usefulness of the third-row, many owners should find the added cargo room to throw all their stuff in to be an appreciated upgrade over the Model 3.

  Model S Model 3 Model Y Model X
Range 373 miles 322 miles 300 miles 328 miles
Cargo Space 28 cu ft 15 cu ft 66 cu ft 88 cu ft
Seating 5 Adults 5 Adults Up to 7 Adults Up to 7 Adults
Base Price $79,990 $36,200 $39,000 $84,990

Tesla has yet to release any official dimensions but the car was recently spotted wearing a Model 3 car cover that fit pretty well. The Model 3 has a width of 73 inches and a height of 57 inches. Thanks to a Reddit User with a measuring tape on hand we now know that the Model Y has a height of 65 inches. This comes rather close to the height of the Model X which sits at 66 inches tall. Because the Y shares a similar platform to the 3, we expect the width to be just about the same.

This falls as pretty standard in the compact crossover segment. The Tesla Model Y size can compare with a BMW X3, Audi Q5, or even a Ford Escape. The upcoming electric Ford Mustang Mach E will compete right alongside it in the electric compact crossover segment and give our first look at a potential Ford vs. Tesla rivalry.

Tesla Model Y Size Compared With Similar Vehicles

  Tesla Model Y Jaguar I-Pace Ford Mustang Mach E Audi Q5 BMW X3 Ford Escape 
Length TBD 184″ 186″ 184″ 186″  181″
Width 73″ (est.) 75″  74″  75″ 75″ 74″ 
Height 66″ 61″ 63″ 65″  66″  66″ 
Cargo 66 cu ft 52 cu ft 60 cu ft 53 cu ft 63 cu ft  65 cu ft

What do you guys think of the Tesla Model Y size? Is it big enough to justify going over the Model 3 over? Let us know down in the comments below.

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Alan Wiersba January 6, 2020 - 1:58 am

Hi Jack. There is a mistake. In the first table, change the Model Y to have 66 cubic feet of storage and Model X to have 88 cubic feet of storage.

Jack January 6, 2020 - 2:04 pm

Thanks for catching that! It should be fixed now


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