Jaguar Goes After Tesla Owners with a $3k “Tesla Conquest” Incentive

by Denis Gurskiy

Ever since Jaguar announced the I-Pace electric SUV, they seemingly only had one solitary goal in mind: beat Tesla. The I-Pace has been forcing itself to compete with the much larger Tesla Model X and has been trying desperately to convert current Tesla owners to the I-Pace. The latest attempt includes a $3,000 incentive towards an I-Pace if the potential buyer owns a Tesla.

Dubbed as the “Tesla Conquest”, the $3,000 incentive combines with an already existing $5,000 dealer discount and a $7,000 allowance credit, totaling up to a possible $15,000 in savings.

Jaguar only asks that you own a Tesla; there is no need for you to trade in your Tesla to take advantage of the incentive.

For an owner or a member of an owner’s household where a Tesla vehicle is currently registered (proof of ownership/registration is required). Limit one incentive per eligible VIN. Can be used towards the lease or purchase of a new, unused 2019 I-Pace. No trade-in required. Not redeemable for cash. Incentive paid to dealer and requires dealer participation.

Even though the Jaguar I-Pace was able to win World Car of the Year 2019, World Green Car 2019, and World Car Design of the Year 2019, the car has not found much success in the American market in terms of sales numbers. This past July, Jaguar managed to sell only 213 models.

While I commend Jaguar for putting forth effort into creating an electric car from the ground up, Jaguar’s insistence on comparing the I-Pace to the Model X and Tesla in general instead of marketing towards ICE drivers might be the car’s downfall.

That being said, a $15,000 drop results in a base price of only $54,500. At such a low price point, it might actually be tempting for some Tesla owners to get an I-Pace, but I doubt it will result in droves of current Tesla owners trying to buy an I-Pace.

What do you guys think Jaguar’s strategy should be? What do you think of the I-Pace in general? Let us know down in the comments below.

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