The FordPass Mustang Mach-E App is a Must Have

by Giovanni

If there’s anything 2020 has brought to light it’s our futures dependence on remote digital platforms. Digital data transfer has been around since the dawn of the web with consumer acceptance growing at a steady but exponential pace. Technology has officially left the comfort of our pockets and home and made its way onto our roadways. Just about every EV announced has an accompanying app meant to improve and add to the ownership experience. The upcoming electric Mustang Mach-E is no different with their standard FordPass app receiving a major refresh for the EV.

FordPass is nothing new to the company with the all-in-one app first hitting smartphones back in 2016. Since then, Ford has continued to add features shifting towards a technologically advanced platform.

[expand title=”Current FordPass app features:”]

  • Control all of your homes Ford vehicles from one account
  • Keep track of past and upcoming services
  • View warranty information and scheduled maintenance
  • Find and contact Ford dealerships
  • Schedule service appointments with saved preferences
  • Find and reserve parking spots with saved preferences
  • View gas stations and prices
  • Access your Ford Credit information
  • Contact roadside assistance or general vehicle support
  • Browse tutorials
  • Sign up or view Ford Insurance quotes

Vehicles with SYNC Connect as an option add the following controls:

  • Start your vehicle remotely
  • Locate your vehicle
  • Unlock or lock your vehicle
    • [/expand]

      With the introduction of an all new vehicle hitting a newly founded segment, Ford thought it best to focus in on advancing that platform with new features.

      Preparing for Delivery

      The Mustang Mach-E is nearly here with production underway and deliveries confirmed for December. Ford has committed the Mach-E to a technological forward process. From start to finish, owners can be expected to be immersed with everything but the traditional ownership experience. The company has gone as far to create a fully digital online buying process allowing you to skip the bulk of dealership headaches.

      Reservation holders are already receiving expected delivery dates and with the FordPass app, they’ll soon be able to make some pre-delivery settings. The basics such as setting up your Ford profile are expected but you’ll also be able to make some vehicle specific settings prior to actually taking delivery:

      • Add and save your favorite destinations for in-vehicle navigation
      • Find and save your favorite local charging stations
      • Schedule typical departure times to have your Mach-E charged and ready to go with your set temperature already set
      • Choose your default driving mode from Unbridled, Engage, or Whisper
      • Coming soon: Preset your radio


      Once the vehicle is in possession of customers, an abundance of in-app controls will be made available. Like Tesla, the Mustang Mach-E is smartphone focused allowing you to control a large part of your car remotely at the tap of a button. With the Mustang Mach-E FordPass app downloaded you’ll even be able to use your phone as a primary key. Mach-E app controls include the standard plus the following:

      • Start and drive the car with your phone as the key
      • Lock and unlock
      • Honk the horn
      • Flash headlights
      • Open and close windows
      • Track your vehicle
      • View your cars remaining range and health


      Additionally, Ford is looking to make charging a breeze. One of the leading arguments against any EV outside of Tesla is the hassle that is third party charging. Without a proprietary network, you’ll need to sign up for each individual service, find them on your own, and pay for them with separate accounts. Ford has solved that Mustang Mach-E concern by partnering with some of the largest EV infrastructure companies out there. With them combined, Ford actually now has the largest charging network in North America.

      With the FordPass app Mustang Mach-E owners will be able to view all of their avialble chargers from one place. Rather than having to make individual accounts and separate payments, everything will be automated and controlled through your Ford account within the app. You’ll also be able to redeem your complimentary 250 kWh at ease just by using the app.

      Updates to the FordPass app only marks the beginning of Ford’s push towards a digital focused future. Taking lead from Tesla, the Mustang Mach-E will also be fitted with OTA updates meant to continuously improve the vehicle. The first significant update has already been announced with the introduction of hands-free driving early next year.

      By introducing web based routines, the Mustang Mach-E app is fitted with a myriad of features exceeding the competition. Having it all in one place certainly makes every part of ownership that much easier.

      Ford has been adamant on looking to take on the current EV leader, Tesla. Tesla certainly holds some advantages in terms of range and performance but Ford is seemingly gunning for every other achievable aspect. Whether it’s enough to overtake and eventually outsell Tesla is left up for debate.

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