Tesla Model Y Deliveries Possibly Starting Next Month

by Jack

When the Tesla Model Y was first unveiled we were given an estimated delivery date of Fall 2020. Since then the time frame was slightly moved up. During the Q3 ’19 presentation we were told that the Model Y was actually ahead of schedule and set to begin deliverers in Summer of 2020. Now, we suspect the date could be much closer than expected.

According to Musk himself, the Tesla Model Y, which recently has been spotted next to a Model 3 and gave us a better understanding of the Model Y size, will outsell all other Tesla models combined. SUVs are currently the most popular vehicle segment in the U.S. and are actually expected to take up half of all new car sales this year. For some time now the Model Y has been a primary focus for Tesla.

“The Model Y is essentially meant to be an affordable SUV in the same way the Model 3 is meant to be an affordable electric sedan. These are both very important segments because obviously some people prefer a sedan and some people prefer an SUV. But actually, probably, even more people prefer an SUV than a sedan. I think ultimately Model Y will have more demand than probably all of the other cars from Tesla combined” – Elon Musk

Now, reports are coming in giving us hints at an expedited timeline. Tesla Model Y parts suppliers in Taiwan are claiming that Tesla is pushing to accelerate their previous plans a full six months ahead of schedule. That places the current Tesla Model Y delivery date within this current quarter.

Earlier this week Tesla received their first Model Y CARB (California Air Resource Board) certification. The CARB certification is documentation all automakers must go through before beginning deliveries. Tesla’s previous car, the Model 3, started deliveries just 25 days after receiving its CARB certification.

It’s worth noting that only one CARB certification has been filed and it’s for an AWD Performance variant with a potential 309 miles of range. Some are speculating that this is the Founders Edition Tesla Model Y.

Model Y sightings have also been at an all-time high. If you’re driving through Tesla’s home territory you’re bound to see one. The company has even been spotted using public chargers giving us a fair assessment of its overall size. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

Today, the Model Y VINs have been listed in the NHTSA’s database.

Across the board, current Tesla delivery times are at an all time high. The site configurations show a 7-10 week delay. Some are theorizing that this could be due to the Model Y currently beginning production. There has been a lot of Model Y insider information being thrown around lately. If this all holds true we could see the first Model Y be delivered very soon.

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