How To Save $4,000 On A Tesla Model Y

by Jack

The keenly anticipated Tesla Model Y was unveiled earlier this year with a $39,000 base price. Although the base Standard Range is not yet available for preorder, the Long Range RWD ($47,000), Long Range AWD ($51,000), and Performance ($60,000) order books have all been opened. Since the Model Y’s conception, Tesla’s pricing system has drastically been altered leaving many a bit puzzled.

At the time of the unveil, the standard, and free, Tesla color was Solid Black. Pearl White was a $1,000 paint upgrade, and Autopilot was a $3,000 option. Everyone who preordered a Tesla Model Y signed with these options at their original costs. For those who eagerly ordered to be first in line, a lot has changed within Tesla’s pricing and option structure.

First and foremost, the company has officially changed their standard color to Pearl White making Solid Black a $750 upgrade. Adjoining, Autopilot is now included at no cost with any Tesla purchase. For newcomers, this seemed like a win. Teslas have now reduced in price while maintaining all of those features we have now come to love. However, some customers were appalled. After all, they placed an early deposit of $2,500 only to find out that they could have saved money if they had just waited.

Tesla tends to upset early adopters by leaving the larger bill on their plates but this was a bit different as the car has not yet been released. Many considered cancelling their reservation and reordering at the new lower cost at risk of losing their spot in line. Tesla happens to be a first come first serve company and doing so would guarantee a later delivery date.

Today, we are happy to report that you can take advantage of the current lower pricing without reordering your vehicle. This news comes from a Model Y reservation holder and Tesla YouTuber known as DÆrik. “To update your pricing, edit your reservation, save on the next page and pricing will update!”

As of now, the only way to adjust your price to reflect todays cost is to edit your reservation. It is not being done automatically and there is no word on whether or not the new pricing will be implemented to all regardless of current pricing knowledge. We will just have to wait it out as the Tesla Model Y is still a couple of years away regardless.

If you’re considering a Model Y, you might want to take advantage of the current low pricing as Tesla has been known to spontaneously change their prices. The Tesla Model Y will have up to a 300 mile range with a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds and will be available beginning Fall of 2020.

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