Tesla Accessories That Will Make Your Next Adventure Easier

by Denis Gurskiy

When you think about electric cars and Teslas specifically, you most likely associate them with a hi-tech future that is dominated by modern city skylines. However, a recent video from LikeTesla showed that you can comfortably take your Tesla on an adventure outside your city or suburban walls.

I will say right from the start that I do not believe that you can take your Tesla absolutely anywhere at this point. If you are the type that wants to venture deep into forests or deserts and require bringing gas cans because you will be so far away from civilization for so long, then yes you most likely will not have a changer around to fill up your car (Also the only Tesla model that could probably even attempt to go on such an extreme journey would be the Cybertruck which is still a few years away). Maybe one day when solar panels become viable for charging a car or we can have interchangeable battery packs akin to gas cans become a reality, then electric cars will truly be able to go anywhere.

But just because you can’t drive across the Sahara desert does not mean that you can’t go on a little camping trip/adventure in your Tesla as Kim from LikeTesla demonstrated. With the recent V10 update it is now easier than ever to go on a spontaneous adventure thanks to the “Hungry” and “Lucky” features being added. While they may not have been the biggest features of the update, they can provide some spice to your life. For those that do not know the “Hungry” button will route you to a random place to eat, perhaps one that you have never been to and have never heard of at all. The “Lucky” feature will route you to a random place of interest that can also take you to a place that you might have not even known to exist. Two features that are perfect for those of us that want to “go with the flow”.

So while nothing is really stopping you from going on an adventure in your Tesla, we thought that we would share some accessories that could make your next trip even easier.

Charging Adapters

The first and probably most important accessory to have is charging adapters and extension cable as Kim showed from Evannex. The charging cable, of course, is the lifeline of your car and you want to be able to adapt to any sort of plug situation you find yourself. The kit comes with an extension cable for those hard to reach plugs as well as adapters for variations of home dryer outlets and RV park outlets. You can get the full kit or pick the adapters that you know you will end up using. However, even this wouldn’t even be considered a necessity. Given the range of the most Tesla’s now being close to 300 miles or above and rapidly expanding chargers, chances are that there might be some restaurant or another close-by area that might have available chargers for you to use if you cannot charge at your destination.

Tesla Bed

For those that want to be as close to the outdoors without actually being outdoors. You could try sleeping in your car using a bed that Dreamcase makes which is designed to be stowed away when not and use and spreads out to the entirety of your Tesla’s rear when you want to lay down. Thanks to the recent V10 update adding streaming services such as Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix you can turn your Tesla into a comfy cinema for when you kids (or you) need to have a little taste of modernity back after a day of hiking (or when your cabin doesn’t have wifi).

Frunk Cooler

Planning on showing everyone your grilling skills? Good thing there exists a cooler that is able to fit into the frunk of your Tesla Model 3 (and Model X and some Model Ss). It has an interior volume of about 1,664 cubic inches, which is enough room for 36 standard 12 oz. cans along with room for some ice packs. It also comes with an outer compartment with room for all the utensils and food preparation gear that you need. It can also serve double duty for holding any items that are wet, such as bathing suits so that you don’t get the rest of your interior wet.

Tire Compressor & Puncture Repair Kit

Moving on to something that you should have but probably don’t want to end up using is a tire kit and tire compressor. While yes, roadside assistance does exist, like with the charging adapters, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With a tire puncture repair kit you will be able to plug most holes made by nails or other debris on the road. And if your tire pressure has dropped to too low of a point, you can pull out a compact tire compressor to help get you back to a suitable level and give you enough time to return back to your home or service center. Neither of these take up too much space, so it doesn’t hurt to them tucked away in your trunk or frunk. A secondary use of the compressor allows you to lower the pressure of the tires slightly to help improve your ride comfort with minimum change to the range.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Lastly, we move onto floor mats. While you probably love going on adventures, you probably want to limit how much of the adventure ends up back in your Tesla. Your standard carpeted floor mats are no match for the tracked in mud, so it might be best to opt for an all-weather set. Tesla currently has their own set for the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. However, almost every aftermarket Tesla company has their own all-weather mats if you want to go for a cheaper option. Regardless of which option you choose, we think that your interior will thank you.

So as you can see, you don’t have to be chained to the confines of city limits if you own a Tesla, you can go out and have an adventure of your own.

Are there any useful accessories we missed? Let us know down in the comments below.

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