Tesla Model Y Wallpaper

by Giovanni

The Tesla Model Y is set to be the world’s best-selling EV. As such, it’s probably your favorite. Here are a few Model Y wallpapers to make your day.

The Tesla Model Y is perhaps Tesla’s most important model as they enter the lucrative crossover market. It is the only model that Tesla has been made in every single one of their factories currently and planned for the future. Using the highly successful Model 3 as its foundation, the Model Y continues to bring a compelling option to the mass market. The Model Y provides over 300 miles of range and a starting price of just over $50,000. The electric car has been chosen by many to be the year’s best electric car. The Model Y provides everything you know and love about the Model 3 but with the added utility of having extra space for more of your things.

The Performance version of the Model Y comes with a lowered suspension, performance breaks, aluminum pedals, and sportier 21″ wheels. This upgraded model loses out on some range at only 303 miles but increases the top speed to 155 mph and drops the 0-60 time to only 3.5 seconds.

Of course, you will also be able to make use of Tesla’s leading driver’s assistance features. Basic Autopilot is enough to make your highway commutes more enjoyable. For those that want to get a taste of the next level of autonomy, you can spec out the Model Y with Full Self Driving and experience what future hands-free driving might look like as the car will respond to stop signs and stop lights on urban streets.

The Model Y comes in five different colors and two different wheels with the Performance version having its own unique wheels.

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