Tesla Makes Big Changes to Product Lineup

by Jack

At the beginning of this month Tesla’s federal tax credit was halved to $1,875 but fear not, Tesla is once again discounting the price of their cars. It is becoming clear that Tesla’s prices will not remain a constant as the company has been shifting them both down and up throughout the last year.

With this latest Tesla news, the electric car company has once again discontinued the standard range Model S and Model X. Both of which have been previously cancelled and reintroduced. There’s no doubt in my mind that we will see it come back but that’s pure speculation. The only Model S and X versions available currently are the Long Range and Performance.

This leads to the new base prices:

Long Range Model S now starts at $80,000
Long Range Model X now starts at $85,000

Performance Model S now starts at $99,990
Performance Model X now starts at $104,990

Both Performance models will now include Ludicrous Mode stock which was previously a $20,000 option.

The Model 3 lineup is also seeing some price changes:

Standard Range Plus Model 3 now starts at $38,990
Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 has been discontinued (previously not available online)

The Standard Range Model 3 has not increased in price and remains at $35,400. This is not available online and you can only order it in-store or over the phone.

White is now the standard, free, color option. It was previously believed to be replaced with a new “standard” white but due to manufacturing costs, Pearl White is now free and standard for all Tesla models. This was previously a $1,500 option.

All models still come with standard Autopilot at no cost. Tesla recently changed their packaging and shifted many features to their Full Self-Driving package. If you currently own a Tesla with the previously named Enhanced Autopilot Package, you already have all current features. You will also be receiving Advanced Summon, which is the next feature to come to Tesla’s autonomous feature lineup.

The price of the Full Self-Driving package is expected to go up ~$1,000 on August 16th. We’ve seen these price increases coming as stated by Elon Musk himself. As we near a self-driving future, the cost of these features will increase significantly. Currently, the package includes Nav on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, and Summon. All other features are unreleased.

To quickly summarize all of this, the Model 3 prices are down and you now get Pearl White at no additional cost and the Model S & X base price is significantly higher with the Standard Range now gone. Ludicrous is now standard on the Performance Model S and Model X and the Full Self-Driving package will increase in price next month.

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