Henrik Fisker Teases Next Project – Electric Truck

by Jack

Fisker, the self proclaimed “e-mobility and technology company”, is back in the headlines with another plan for our future. Henrik Fisker, CEO and founder of Fisker, Inc has taken to twitter to tease what many believe to be an electric truck.

The prominent automotive designer has recently been hard at work teasing electric car concepts from each end of the spectrum. The Fisker Emotion, a 400+ mile ranged electric sports car, was set to be the companies first production vehicle but was soon after delayed. For good reason as the new plan is to introduce the electric vehicle with solid state batteries in the next few years. Instead, the companies first car will be a $40,000 mass produced SUV. The vehicle is currently unnamed and unrevealed but some speculation has been circling the web such as its 2021 scheduled release.

Henrik Fisker’s previous automotive manufacture, Fisker Automotive, was the first to introduce full-length solar roofs to the mass market with the Fisker Karma. A modern version of the tech is expected to be seen on the Fisker SUV in the coming years. We can only hope to see Fisker produce the worlds first mass produced solar-powered pickup truck.

The Fisker SUV is set to break boundaries of its own by being the first hard top convertible SUV. The California Package was also teased via twitter recently. It would be interesting to see similar tech brought into the truck world.

As of now, electric trucks are scarce but competition is arising. Dedicated electric pickup companies such as Rivian and Atlis are starting to spring up as the market widens. Tesla has announced intention to bring a truck to market and is set to reveal it this very summer. Even Ford is in talks about producing a Ford F150 hyrbid. Most are still years away giving Fisker an opportunity to beat them to market.

Fisker is set to build three electric cars on their affordable high volume platform. An SUV, this supposed truck, and an unannounced vehicle which some are speculating as a full-sized SUV. The first is yet to be unveiled with only CGI and concept art being teased. Fisker has yet to secure a manufacturing facility but have been actively seeking one out. Production of their first electric vehicles is not set until 2021 which gives them ample of time to begin development.

Henrik Fisker has previously stated intention of producing 500,000 electric SUVs annually. This is no easy feat as Fisker has a long road ahead of them. The company is also working on self-driving technology and producing electric shuttles. The Emotion was set to come with level 4 autonomous driving so we can only assume the Fisker SUV and Fisker Truck will both come with something comparable.

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