Fisker Teases Solar Roof on Upcoming Electric SUV, Amongst Other Things

by Denis Gurskiy
Fisker Electric SUV Solar Roof

While the upcoming Fisker electric SUV isn’t due out for another two years, Fisker boss Henrik Fisker has been drip-feeding us with teasers regarding the new SUV. The most recent one shows the inclusion of a solar panel-lined roof.

Preliminary information regarding Fisker’s electric SUV came a few months ago. The biggest draw to the electric SUV was that it would be offered at a price of less than $40,000, making it the perfect rival to the Tesla Model Y. In addition to the attractive price, Fisker is targeting a range of 300 miles by using a >80 kWh battery. A drivable prototype is expected to be shown by the end of the year.

Being a renowned vehicle designer, Henrik Fisker has been eager to show off bits and pieces of his upcoming car. The latest one included a section of the roof which houses solar panels.

Along with the solar panels, Fisker wants to point out the aggressively wide rear fenders which are common place on supercars.

The solar panels however are not a first for Fisker, as the Fisker Karma (now Karma Revero) sported a solar panel roof. It is important to note that solar panels are not efficient enough yet to provide with a substantial boost in range. Karma claims that the solar roof on the Revero provides 500-1000 miles of range over a year (about 1.37-2.74 miles per day) in the best case scenarios. The get a better understanding, the Sono Sion which is a much lighter car and covered in solar panels manages only 18 miles of range in the summer months. So look for the solar roof on this electric SUV to be predominantly used for auxiliary power, such as the air conditioning or at most providing one mile worth of range a day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, provided that the cost of included them isn’t astronomical.

Along with the solar panels, there have been several other teasers regarding the new car.

Fisker sure has a lot on their plate. Along with this SUV, Fisker is working on their eMotion, Orbit Shuttle, and solid-state battery technology. With all this work to do we wonder if Fisker will be able to hit their 2021 release for this electric SUV.

What do you guys think of Fisker’s prospects with this new SUV? Let us know down in the comments below.

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