Rumored Nissan Electric SUV To Target $45,000 Price

by David Mowatt
rumored Nissan electric SUV

Rumors have recently began circulating regarding a potential Nissan electric SUV currently under development. If sources are to be believed, the alleged electric SUV will have a starting price of $45,000 and a 220-mile range.

The electric SUV in question has been presented as a Nissan vehicle, but it is yet confirmed whether the SUV will end up being a Nissan model or an Infiniti model. The rumored Nissan electric SUV has been compared to the Lexus RX (MSRP $43,570), the Audi Q5 ($41,500), the Volvo XC60 ($39,800), and the Tesla Model 3 ($49,000). Given its alleged price and estimated range, combined with the list of other EVs it has been compared to, the Nissan electric SUV appears more like a premium-brand SUV than an actual Nissan.

Information regarding the Nissan electric SUV come from an undisclosed source in direct contact with CleanTechnica, who reports:

“The prototype interior was interesting, going with a screen across the dash area with basic info in front of the driver and navigation on a smooth transition for the next screen. It gave the look of a giant elongated screen from in front of the driver to around the middle of the passenger seat.


“The interior had no similarity to current Nissan design, and was very upscale, more like what would be found in an Infiniti. There were no hard plastics, and the design was very modern. Truly, it gave the Lexus a run for its money as far as fit and fabrics were concerned. The seat had an incredible new fabric that seemed in between Alcantara and leather.


“The exterior was amazingly slab sided, despite current trends, with a very large, transparent grill similar to what Mercedes is doing. It even had the Nissan logo in lights behind the transparent bubble grill.


“It had a panoramic roof and a large cargo area. I thought if the price was closer to $37,000, they would have a winner. But $45,000 is certainly pushing it — but maybe not for an Infiniti.


“The measurements were obviously EV purpose built, with a short hood and a lot more room after the front axle. The exterior width and length is similar to the Lexus RX, but the interior was more spacious given that the hood area was so small.”

If the rumor is to be believed, we suspect a number of people would be happy to lay down $45,000 for a premium electric SUV. After the recent success of the Nissan LEAF, it doesn’t surprise us at all that Nissan would want to throw their hat into the electric crossover ring. Boasting a somewhat affordable price range with a substantial 200+ mile range, the rumored Nissan electric SUV could definitely shake up the electric crossover market.

Source: CleanTechnica




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