Audi e-tron EV Delayed Four Weeks Due to Software Issue

by David Mowatt

After unveiling the final production model of their first ever all-electric crossover SUV back in September, Audi definitely built up a lot of anticipation for their first foray into the fully-electric world. Despite the growing anticipation, however, it has just been reported that the Audi e-tron EV will be delayed by four weeks due to an issue caused by a recent software change.

Reports of the delay came from an anonymous sources who broke the news to German magazine Bild am Sonntag over the weekend.  According to the report, the Audi e-tron EV would face several months of delay. Reuters later confirmed with an Audi spokesperson that delivery of the e-tron would only be delayed by four weeks due to a software issue currently being addressed by the automaker.

Bild am Sonntag sources also reported that Audi is allegedly locked in price negotiations with LG Chem, the South-Korean supplier of batteries for Audi, Volkswagen Group, and Daimler, who are requesting a 10-percent price increase to supply the cells due to high demand. Audi and LG have both declined to comment on the alleged negotiations.

According to an Audi spokesperson, the automaker needs to obtain new “regulatory clearance” for the e-tron after some of the vehicle’s software was “modified during the development process.” As a result of this software modification, the Audi e-tron EV has since been delayed by about four weeks to remedy the situation.

According to Audi, the issue only involves European regulators and should not affect the release of the e-tron SUV in the U.S. In an emailed statement, an Audi spokesperson had this to say in regards to the recent delay:

“A software change made required the resubmission for homologation to the European authorities. The US introduction is unaffected by this and is still scheduled for Q2 2019.”

Source: Reuters 

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