Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Tesla Model Y Performance

by Giovanni

Tesla has topped the market and created a name for themselves in just about every category imaginable. They lead in range, technology, affordability, and much more. Most notably would have to be their performance vehicles which beat just about anything on either the roads or tracks for a fraction of the cost.

The company is so focused on track performance that they’ve gone ahead and released a $5,000 track package for the Performance Model 3. There’s no word on whether or not a similar package will be made available on the Performance Model Y but we have to ask, why not?

As we inch closer, the inner track demon in you must be questioning which vehicle suits you best. Perhaps you’re undecided between the two. Maybe you’re asking if you should trade in your Model 3 for a Model Y? While you can’t exactly track test each vehicle, you can certainly compare the numbers side by side using the above infograph.

Elon Musk once mentioned that the Model 3 is to the Model S such as how the Model Y is to the Model X, it’s just an affordable version of the luxury vehicle. Yet due to their smaller size and tighter feel, many prefer the feel of them on the track over their larger counterparts.

In hindsight, the Model Y is closer to the Model 3 than the Model X. The two vehicles actually share ~76% of the same parts. Basically, it’s a larger and heavier Tesla Model 3.

Size and weight will most definitely affect track performance and specs, as seen in the side by side, but maybe you prefer larger vehicles? Crossovers are actually the fastest growing auto segment in the U.S taking up over 40% of all new car sales.

There’s no doubt that if you put up a Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model Y on a track, the former would win. But maybe you’re willing to take a downgrade in performance for a more spacious car? Personally, I’d prefer a more comfortable daily driver.

Tesla has hit their 1 millionth vehicle produced thanks to the Tesla Model Y already in production. As expected, deliveries are scheduled to begin within the next two weeks.

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