Take a Walkthrough of the New Tesla Model Y

by Denis Gurskiy

With deliveries of the Tesla Model Y already starting and its dimensions and new features finally let known to us, we have had a pretty good picture of what to expect from the new electric crossover. However, there are somethings that you just can’t appreciate from pictures alone and only videos will do you justice. Thankfully Tesla fans are always eager to show off their new rides.

Thankfully Ryan Shaw was lucky enough to borrow a new Tesla Model Y Performance and give us a run-through of the entire car. While the Model Y is very similar to the Model 3 and things many things will look the same, it is still nice to get a better look at some of the differences, such as the significantly higher ride heigh, different panoramic glass roof, and seat fold-down buttons.

The extra size is definitely an important aspect to view in the video. While the initial Model Y prototypes had us thinking that the Model Y would not be too much larger than the Model 3, the owner’s manual dimensions provided that there was indeed a significant increase in size, making it hard to conceptualize the larger space. 

Personally I have not been the biggest fan of the Model Y, but after watching through some of these videos and looking at pictures of the production model, I have to say that it has grown on me. We’ll see if it will provide a big enough difference to customers that it will outsell the Model 3.

What do you guys think of the Model Y? Do you think it will be able to outsell the Model 3 and the entirety of Tesla’s lineup? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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