Tesla Is Starting Infotainment System Upgrades for $2,500

by Denis Gurskiy

Rejoice for everyone who has noticed their touch screens starting to slow down and have had their patience slowly being erased. Tesla has finally started doing upgrades for the Tesla Infotainment System, unfortunately it’s invite-only at this place, so you cross your fingers and hope that luck is on your side for a timely upgrade.

There’s no doubt that Tesla’s infotainment system is one of the best in the industry and can be said to be largely responsible for basically every electric car concept forgoing buttons in the center console and opting for a big screen. However, as with all technology, stuff starts to slow down and lose its snappiness, go dig up your smartphone from five years ago and see the difference.

Owners unlucky to still have MCU1 have been asking Tesla for the option of having an upgrade to MCU2, and it finally has happened.

Owners of Model S and Model X built March 2018 or earlier will be eligible to purchase an Infotainment Upgrade, enabling access to some of our favorite features like video streaming and an expanded Tesla Arcade, in addition to a more responsive and faster touchscreen experience.

There is however a bit of luck involved and priority given to those with newer Autopilot Computers, but Tesla has laid it out simply for us.

Configuration Availability
Autopilot Computer 2.5 with Full Self-Driving Capability Now
Autopilot Computer 2.0 with Full Self-Driving Capability Late March
All remaining Model S and Model X owners Coming Soon

Thankfully it seems that if you have AP 2.0 then your wait for invitations to start shouldn’t be too long even with priority given to those with AP 2.5.

For those wondering what the new infotainment system will provide you, you can look below.

Make sure to read it carefully as it is not a straight addition of options, you will lose AM, FM and Sirius XM radio. If that is a big part of your day then you might have to sit down and weigh the options.

Also, some of the features being added are subject to Tesla’s $9.99/month Premium Connectivity charge, these features include: Live Traffic, Sattelite Maps, Video Streaming, Caraoke, Music Streaming, and the Internet Browser.

For those unsure of what Autopilot Computer they currently have you can go to ‘Controls’ > ‘Software’ > ‘Additional Vehicle Information’ and check on what you have.

The upgrade will run you $2,500 including installation and will be on an invite basis, so if your luck with getting software updates hasn’t been great you might be in for a little wait to get your chance.

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