Latest Tesla Software Updates: Driving Visualizations, Backup Camera Improvements, Cabin Camera

by Denis Gurskiy
Tesla Software Updates

Feeling Lucky/Feeling Hungry

MCU 1+ AP 2+

Don’t know where to go eat today or don’t know what you wanna do today? Tesla has you covered with this new feature. Just go to Navigate>Hungry and you will be directed to a random place to eat. If you go to Navigate>Lucky to be directed to a random attraction. Finally, you will be able to deal with the dreaded, “I don’t know, where do you want to go eat?”.

Improved Automatic Lane Change Visualization

MCU 1+ AP 2+

Another specific change made to the driving visualization was made in regards to the automatic lane change. The visualization will now highlight the lane in which the Tesla is planning to merge into with a faint white outline of where the car plans to be when it finishes the lane change. You can find a short video of the feature in action down below.

New Driving Visualization

MCU 1+ AP 2+

Tesla has added additional types of objects and lane lines around your car in more environments. So a general overall improvement on the visualization. Additionally, you can now zoom and rotate the visualization to change the angle temporary. The use case for this is left to be seen, but you can find a short video down below demonstrating the feature.


MCU 2+ AP 2+

Another fun feature coming to Teslas will be car karaoke. It’s noted that while you will be able to sing aloud while the car is driving, the lyrics to the song of choice will not be displayed as to not serve as a distraction. Unfortunately, that means that passengers will just have to deal with the inconvenience while on a road trip and pick a song that they truly know top to bottom.


MCU 2+ AP 2+

Tesla announced the addition of popular game, Cuphead, earlier this year and we now have a timeline, August. This is set to be a shorter version of the game made just for Tesla. According to Elon Musk, the game will run at high res at 60 FPS. Beach Buggy, the other Tesla game recently released, is only available for MCU2 and we imagine this will be no different.

Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu (Tesla Theater)

MCU 2+ AP 2+

Streaming capabilities are in the works and coming soon. Elon Musk mentioned a timeline of August with no later than a couple months. Once Tesla has full self-driving regulatory approval, you will be able to drive while watching TV. For now, this will only work while in park which just makes charging that much more convenient. If we had to guess, this will be an MCU2 exclusive feature.

Currently, Early Access Users are able to use these features via the mobile network rather than having to rely on being close to WiFi hotspots. This is probably being done due to the limited number of people withing the Early Access Program and will probably be made to work with only WiFi once the feature is rolled out to everyone.

Improved Driving Dynamics

Raven Powertrain

Once again, this is an update for the most recent Raven motor equipped Model S/X. Tesla has stated that they have improved the driving dynamics while under hard acceleration. Upon the announcement of the Raven models, Tesla did state that aside from the increase in range, there would be an increase in the power and torque as well. This update seems to be addressing the increase to both the power and torque.

Software Update Notification

MCU 1+ AP 2+

Your Tesla will now indicate when there is a software update ready to be downloaded in your status bar.

Key Fob Security Update

MCU 1+ AP 2+

An update for Model S Key Fob (v2) was pushed out to patch any sort of bugs or potential security issues.

Norwegian Language Support

MCU 1+ AP 2+

For all the Norwegian Tesla owners our there, rejoice as Tesla has finally added the Norwegian language as an option for the interface. To update your language setting, tap Controls > Display

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Alan Glenn June 19, 2020 - 12:04 pm

How can I tell which version of AP I have? I know I’m on MCU1 but no idea what version of AP?

Giovanni June 19, 2020 - 1:23 pm

Tesla recently made this easy. From within your car go to the software menu. Under your VIN you’ll see “Additional vehicle information” just go ahead and click that.

Alan Glenn June 19, 2020 - 1:48 pm

Thanks. I have AP 2.5 but MCU1 so I’m out of luck for lots of these new features. Can’t do the MCU update as I use XM in a bad cell area.

Chrus February 1, 2020 - 5:31 am

You have not mentioned that this update provides a lot of pretty useless stuff like backgammon but breaks one of the best things about owning a Tesla which is the voice command to play any Spotify song. Now playing music just takes you to a menu so you have to type. This is really dangerous IMO. So don’t update if you haven’t already. Can live with a glitchy car.

Linda Whitmore May 6, 2019 - 10:27 am

Regarding the new Sentry Mode, I am concerned about the Hispanic men who will provide this around-the-clock security. You wrote that the new service “activates cameras and senors to monitor any criminal activity.” (Ha!)


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