Watch Music Producer Make a Hip-Hop Beat Using New Tesla TRAX

by Denis Gurskiy

Tesla is slowly turning into the swiss army knife of cars as the company continues to add features through its Tesla software updates to its cars that most people wouldn’t even think of having added. This time it’s TRAX software which is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows owners to produce beats (albeit a little limited at this stage) all in the comfort of their car. For those moments where you feel inspired and don’t have your main DAW on hand or just want to kill some time while Supercharging.

To showcase the new feature, music producer ‘The Hyphenate’ in collaboration with Tesla Club-SoCal made a video where The Hyphenate goes through some of the TRAX software and produces a workable beat in a few minutes and then slaps on some lyrics overtop of his newly produced beat to finish up the song.

Admittedly he states that it is fairly limited especially when you compare it to other DAWs like FL Studio or Ableton. However, just the act of having this kind of software in your car was a bit ludicrous. Making beats in your car? Who at Tesla thought to dedicate the time and resources to put a DAW in a car?

Earlier this year, The Hyphenate released a video where he produced a beat on his computer while having his Tesla on autopilot in the middle of Los Angeles traffic. Perhaps someone in Tesla heard about the video and felt inspired?

Who knows, but Tesla continues to push the definition of what a car should be, it is already turning into the ideal man cave for some people and now it looks like it is starting to turn into a mobile music studio complete with surround sound speakers. Maybe some owners will find that they have a talent/passion for beat-making and find a new hobby to pursue after trying out the TRAX software.

Marty Morrise, the President and Co-Founder of Tesla Club – SoCal, who made this video in collaboration with The Hyphenate had the following to say about the new software:

Did Elon see the video and get inspired to create this app? We are not sure but this is definitely a cool way to kill time while supercharging. Oliver and The Hyphenate are consistently a part of my Tesla Club-SoCal events and we have all worked together on several different projects together.  When there’s anything that has to do with music, The Hyphenate is the guy we go to.  Him being a professional music producer and making this video where he explains how to use TRAX is a huge help to many of us Tesla drivers wanting to learn and play with the app.  The Hyphenate also tweeted Elon and volunteered his services to help make the next version of TRAX even better.

This is not the first time that Morrise and the South California Tesla community have contributed to the Tesla world with some sort of music. Over a year ago, she along with The Hyphenate and some members of the Tesla Club – SoCal starred in a music video specifically about the electric car brand. According to Morrise, this is the most Tesla’s that have appeared in a single music video. While most videos have only one Tesla in the video, this one has 16 total.

Time and time again we see how passionate Tesla owners are when it comes to the company and it’s nice that Tesla can continue to nurture that love with continued added software updates that add increased performance, streaming services, beat making software, or even the whoopie cushion. You would be hard-pressed to find another company, let alone a car company that has these types of relationships with their customers. With a possible app store on the horizon in Tesla’s future, we wonder what other software will be pushed onto the platform.

If you are in the SoCal area and want to join the club, you can go visit Morrise’s site at TeslaVibez. For those wanting to check out more of The Hyphenate, you can find his Instagram here.

What future Telsa updates will they add following the TRAX software? Let us know down in the comments.

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