Tesla Unintentionally Created The Worlds Best Man Cave

by Jack

Tesla, the company known for their innovation in electric cars and autonomy has become so much more in the last month. With the introduction of the V10 software update, they’ve stretched their position as a technology conglomerate. The powerhouse not only sells cars, but a lifestyle.

The latest V10 software update brought features never before seen in the automotive world. Tesla once again brought something new to the table with features we’ve only seen in sci-fi movies. Believe it or not, you can now watch Netflix in your car, sing karaoke, and even play video games. The list of Tesla pros has been ever-growing for both those in consideration and current owners. Through over-the-air software updates, your car constantly receives new features.

While others release their vehicles, take their profits upfront, and don’t look back, Tesla is thinking progressively by continuously adding new reasons to own a forward-thinking vehicle. Even those who purchased their Teslas years ago are receiving new, never discussed, features on seemingly a weekly schedule. Waking up to your car having a newer, modern, interface with an abundance of unexpected added entertainment options has become the new norm for the nearly 1 million Tesla owners. I don’t think anyone can validate an argument against Tesla’s first place position in automotive software.

With it and the creation of this newly listed advantage, the company has unintentionally created something else, the world’s best man-cave. The Tesla man-cave, which is fit for the whole family, has everything needed to get you hooked. With new additions such as Spotify, a Tesla in your garage is a hub for all.


With last year’s major update, Tesla introduced the Tesla Arcade. Breaking just about all societal rules, video games were added as a base feature in every Tesla. Formally known as Teslatari, the car housed a collection of classic games. Just about all of your childhood favorites, from Lunar Lander to Missile Command, were made available to play on your electric cars touch screen. The future sure is neat!

In V10, Tesla expanded on this idea by adding modern and popular games such as Cuphead. Beach Buggy Racing, a game where you race in a Tesla against others, is actually controlled using your car’s very own steering wheel, a first of its kind. Controller support has been added as well so basically, Fortnite is on the horizon.

I should note that the ever-growing list of games available in your two-ton console all come free of charge. Tesla, out of the goodness of their hearts, continues to upgrade preexisting cars with features other manufacturers would charge thousands for. Whether or not paid games are on the road ahead is up for debate but I’m happy to just be receiving these unforeseen gifts.


Sure, every car on the road has music options. Bluetooth, AUX cords, and Sirius Radio have become a standard. But who else has Spotify, the world’s most popular digital music service? Tesla didn’t until just last month when they gave the capability to every owner in North America. All of your playlists are now accessible a touch away from within your car’s infotainment system.

The list of entertainment features in a Tesla is arguably endless. You can make your car fart from a specific seat on command, toggle a romance mode to kick the mood off, or even play chess. Like to draw? use the sketchpad. Like to sing? Use the built-in Karaoke machine. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Surf the web on your ginormous touch screen display. Teslas undoubtedly have it all. The best part? The options just keep on coming. Half of the available entertainment features weren’t here 12 months back and I’m sure in another year we will look back with a list twice as long.

Cinematic Experience

Perhaps the biggest feature to come from Tesla’s newest update was the ability to stream video. Both Netflix and YouTube now have their own in-car apps allowing owners to cast movies and TV shows directly onto their cars display. The dots all start to connect as to why Tesla opted to create the automotive industry’s largest screens.

Grab the popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready because this isn’t just a gimmicky feature. With the 360° premium immersive audio standard in every Tesla, your home theater experience is better than the actual cinema! It’s absolutely astonishing that anyone with an affordable daily driver now has their own home theater as well.

Tesla has effectively turned every relative garage in the world into the perfect man cave. People are literally sitting in their garages, with their families, simply enjoying the luxuries of owning one of the best cars ever made. Buying a Tesla is easy, getting out of it is a bit harder. Just add a bar in your back row and you’re good to go. Heck, I’m about just ready to move into my car.

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