Rimac Receives Investment from Hyundai Group

by Jack

Rimac, as we know, is the Croatian car manufacturer recently making waves in the EV world. They are arguably one of the most important electric car manufacturers out there keeping people excited about this transition. While everyone is focusing on the mass consumer, Rimac made what no one asked for, an electric hypercar that can stand next to the best of them.

A brand new company in a country not known for auto manufacturing creating an electric hypercar with 1,914 hp (1,427 kW) and 2,300 Nm (1,696 lb/ft) of torque has brought its attention to some. Porsche was one of the first to notice and bought a 10% stake in the company. The company has developed two electric hypercars, the Concept_One and the Concept_Two. Since then, the company has grown to over 500 employees producing electric performance components for some of the biggest names such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, and the new Pininfarina Battista.

Now, Hyundai Motor Group wants a piece of the pie with an €80 million ($90 million) investment. With this partnership, they will collaborate on the development of high performance electric vehicles. The two will work together on producing an electric version of Hyundai’s N brand as well as a fuel cell vehicle. The companies set a 2020 timeline for the project.

If you have not heard of the Hyundai’s N line that is because we do not typically see them in the US. It is the companies performance line mostly sold overseas. This year we actually saw the introduction of the first N line vehicle available in the US, the Elantra GT N Line. So we hold out hope to see these upcoming electric performance vehicles here as well.

With the new collaboration underway, Hyundai Motor Group aims to speed up its transition towards Clean Mobility and position itself as a global leader in driving this change in the industry.

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