Rimac is the Most Important Electric Car Manufacturer

by Jack

If you have been following the transition towards electrification, you have definitely heard the name Rimac. The Croatian electric car manufacturer has achieved new heights and raised the bar for all. The Rimac C_Two is one astonishing vehicle with four electric motors producing a total of 1,914 hp (1,427 kW) and 2,300 Nm (1,696 lb/ft) of torque. For comparison, the new Koenigsegg Jesko only has 1,578 hp (1,177 kW) and 1,573 Nm (1,160 lb/ft) of torque.

Rimac is a new staple in the hypercar game and rightfully so. They now stand next to legacy hypercar makers as the odd one out due to their route. While everyone else is working on making hypercars with biofuel and hybrid motors, Rimac is all in on electrification. By jumping in head first, they’ve achieved what others have been trying to inch closer to for years — fully sustainable multi-million dollar toys. They have single-handedly proven that electric cars are just better in performance by creating the world’s most powerful hypercar.

They have caught the eyes of many, including Porsche who acquired a 10% stake in Rimac last year. Rimac is also now providing components and help to Pininfarina and their electric hypercar, the Battista. And if you ask me and my theory, they’ll continue to manufacturer electrical performance components to all exotic and hypercar manufacturers transitioning towards electric cars.

The Croatian electric car manufacturer was founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac. A company started as a hobby in a garage ended up overtaking the best of the best in performance. The Rimac Concept One was introduced in 2011 and so began the future of the hypercar space. After seeing the performance Rimac was able to achieve from just electric motors, others began to follow suit.

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So why exactly is Rimac so important? We car people grew up with posters of awe-inspiring vehicles on our walls for as long as we can remember. Maybe it was a Ferrari F40, a Lamborghini Diablo SV, or even a Maserati MC12. Those cars are what led us to pursue further interest in automotive vehicles. To mass adapt electrification and sustainability, we need to cater towards dreams rather than reality. While children of today are focused on Fortnite, they are also dreaming of owning a Rimac. Everyone wants a Rimac, just like everyone wants a Koenigsegg. You won’t find a car guy that hasn’t heard of them all. That enthusiasm, dream, and passion will drive those to further research the technology and they will gain interest in electric cars in general. Not all of them will be able to one day afford a $2 million Rimac C_Two, but instead they will look at electric cars that fit their daily needs. Owning any electric car is like owning a small piece of a Rimac.

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