Porsche Raises Stake in Electric Hypercar Manufacturer, Rimac – 15.5%

by Jack

There are few manufacturers that have gained more attention than the Croation electric hypercar maker known as Rimac. Since the debut of the Concept_One, the previous record holder for fastest accelerating vehicle, Rimac has been unable to stay quite. With around 550 employees, they continue to make effort and progress towards changing our performance car future.

Rimac’s most recent car is another electric hypercar dubbed the Concept_Two. This luxurious beast has a top speed of 256 mph while maintaining an astonishing 403 mile range (NEDC). The 250 kW charging capability allows the C_Two to be charged properly in just a half hour. The Rimac C_Two stands as the most technologically-advanced hypercar ever built. Rimac is one of the few shining a new light on electric cars and because of that we have previously dubbed them the most important electric car manufacturer.

The company seemingly looks to make their money through collaboration and providing components for others entering the hypercar market. New electric cars such as the Pininfarina Battista are using Rimac electromobility components in order to achieve todays peak performance. Porsche and many others are looking to do the same. The rumored Bugatti SUV is suggested to be powered by Croatia’s best as well.

Last year, Porsche acquired a 10% stake in the electric hypercar maker giving them the opportunity to excel further. The company has caught the eyes of many with even Hyundai investing in.

“It quickly became clear to us that Porsche and Rimac could learn a lot from each other. We are convinced of Mate Rimac and his company, so now we have increased our stake and are expanding our cooperation in battery technology.”

After the Porsche Taycan debut, Porsche is most likely looking to grow their electric car lineup. We could possibly even eventually see a succession to the electrified Porsche 918. Meanwhile, Rimac will use this investment to continue to grow exponentially and provide high-performance components for current and new partners.

“It was one of the most important milestones in our history to win Porsche as a partner. The fact that Porsche is now increasing its stake is the best confirmation of our cooperation and the basis for an even closer relationship. We are just at the beginning of our partnership – and yet our high expectations have already been met. We have many ideas that we want to action together in the future. The key is to create a win-win situation for both partners and to add value to our end customers by developing exciting electrified models.”

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