New Electric Bus Powered by BMW i3 Powertrain Revealed

by David Mowatt
Karsan electric bus

German automaker BMW has just confirmed a deal with Turkish manufacturer Karsan that will allow them to power their own electric bus with the help of a BMW i3 electric powertrain.

Vehicle manufacturer Karsan, founded in 1966, operate their own development and production facilities in Bursa in western Turkey. Karson typically develops and produces their own vehicles for local and long-distance transport, ranging from small vans, city buses and coaches, to articulated buses for use on scheduled services.

The Karsan electric bus has since been referred to as the “Jest electric,” and will be produced in Bursa in Turkey. The deal between Karsan and BMW marks the first time the electric motors and high-voltage batteries developed for the BMW i3 will be used to power a city bus.

BMW states that they will be able to equip the electric bus with two 44 kWh battery packs which are found in the new BMW i3. These two batteries effectively store 88 kWh of power and provide a range of up to 210 km (130 miles). The German automaker added than when used on scheduled services, the electric bus will be able to run for 18 straight hours before needing to replenish its electric supply. The BMW i3 motor that will be used to power the Karsan Jest electric generates a peak output of 125 kW/170 hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm.

When compared to previous conventionally powered versions, the six-meter Karsan Jest electric offers enough room for a total of twenty-six passengers as opposed to the original twenty-two. The Jest electric also features low-floor technology which gives passengers with pushchairs and wheelchairs convenient access.

In their most recent press release, Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan Automotive Industry and Commerce Company, explain:

“Collaboration with the BMW Group enables us to meet our customers’ needs in the electric vehicle segment too, as well as helping us take a major step forward in our transformation to becoming a supplier of sustainable mobility solutions.”

Karsan has stated that they intend to produce the electric bus for both the domestic and international markets.

Source: BMW Group



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