Hummer EV ‘Crab Mode’ and Reveal Date Announced for Oct. 20

by Denis Gurskiy

General Motors has revealed some additional information about the upcoming electric Hummer which will be sold under the GMC brand. Namely, we now know of the official reveal date for the ‘Supertruck’ as GM has dubbed it, as well as a Crab Mode feature.

Last week the GMC twitter posted a new logo for the Hummer EV that had a crab as the dominating image.

The internet took to theorizing what in the world could a crab and an electric truck have in common. A tough exterior perhaps? High crushing forces? Sideways movement? Bingo.

After a few days of letting us ponder on the relationship between the two GMC releases a video of the Hummer EV driving on the beach and engaging its crab mode.

Some might be disappointed to see that it’s not truly a crab walk as the Hummer EV does not actually move directly sideways, but instead, what looks to be a 30-45 degree angle. Still, it is a cool way to show off your four-wheel steering system even if the applications of it might be a little limited and not something that most people will find completely necessary to have in a car.

Still, this isn’t the first electric truck to show off some interesting moves. Back at the end of last year Rivian took to twitter to show off the tank turn that their R1T and R1S will be capable of doing due to their four motor electric powertrain allowing for each wheel to spin in different speeds and directions.

Once again, not the most useful feature in the world, but definitely a cool one.

Along with the explanation to what crabs have to do with the Hummer EV, GMC also announced that we would see the electric truck in the flesh next month on October 20th with hopefully a more extensive spec sheet. All we know about the ‘supertruck’ is the following:

  • 1,000 hp
  • 11,500 lbs. of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 3 seconds

How are you guys feeling about crab mode and the Hummer EV as a whole? Let us know down in the comments below.

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