Cadillac Celestiq Electric Luxury Sedan to Cost at Least $200,000

by Denis Gurskiy

General Motors had unleashed an absolute barrage of new electric cars last week during their EV day showcasing their future electrification plans. While we did know of flagship electric SUV coming from Cadillac, news of an electric luxury sedan also came, and it’s not cheap.

Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias took to twitter to share another tidbit of information he learned about the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq. It will be hand-built in very low quantities and demand a six-figure price tag and Cadillac President Steve Carlisle told him “…and it won’t have a 1 in front of it.”.

A car being offered at a price of at least $200,000 will be a big jump for the American automaker as the most expensive car they have in their current offering is the CT6-V which starts at about $94,000. In recent memory, the most expensive Cadillac I can remember is the XLR-V which still was only about $110,000. Whichever way you look at it, it is a big jump for Cadillac.

Cadillac has always been viewed as the most luxurious American option through history, so if there was ever an American brand to ask the big bucks it would be Cadilac. However, with this new price point, it will no longer be pitted against lowly S-Class Mercedes and 7 Series BMWs. It will face up against Maybachs, Bentleys, and if they really decide to go for it and have the price start with a ‘3’, that’s Rolls-Royce territory.

It could be an interesting strategy however as the aforementioned companies will be slow to electrify and so the Celestiq could be the only choice for people who want an ultra-luxury electric car in 2022.

No prospective specs were announced, but it was shown alongside GM’s new Ultimum batteries which can be configured into capacities of up to 200 kWh and have a range of 400 miles. While I’m sure the specs will be more than enough for most people by that time, the real thing that Cadillac will have to do to win people over is to use top-notch materials and make sure every single line is to perfection.

What do you guys think Cadillac will have to do to justify this humongous price point for the Celestiq? Let us know down in the comments below.

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