Volkswagen ID.2all Looks To Be The EV Of The People

by Denis Gurskiy

The “people’s car” is looking to bring about an electric car for all, mirroring the accessibility of its first-ever model, the Type 1. Volkswagen recently showed off a concept version of its VW ID.2all with very respectable specs and a goal price of just 25,000 euros.

VW ID.2 All Design

It’s clear that while for the time being the vehicle carries a “concept” title, it already looks like it can be a pre-production model. There are no outlandish proportions or body panels that would make the EV both too expensive to produce and put off the average buyer.

Looking at the design as a whole, it’s easy to see the resemblance the ID.2all shares with the Golf, after all, the design has been successful for generations. VW also points out the reincorporation of the original Golf’s C-pillar in this concept, bringing forth the heritage of the brand to a new era. The core pillars of the design are stated as stability, likability, and excitement.

Head Designer, Andreas Mindt described the design purpose as such:

“The most important value for Volkswagen design is stability.  A second core element of the brand is likeability.  Stability and likeability – we have to achieve these two values in every respect. We also want to create excitement in our customers”

The straight window line, bulged wheel arches, and LED lightbar give the ID.2all a look that is more expensive than its planned price.

The interior is in line with VW’s other offerings, minimalistic with two displays, a 12.9-inch and 10.9-inch, handling most of the car’s information and entertainment. The steering wheel features a sporty flat bottom and a few thumb buttons.

Big Space

Despite the ID.2all’s small statue, the hatchback provides a great deal of space that is greater than its Golf sibling. The trunk has a 17.3 cubic foot capacity that can increase to 47 cu. ft. with the rear seats folded. With the ability to fold down the front passenger seat, you can haul around objects just over 86 inches in length. A deep storage area can be found underneath the trunk and an even smaller space can be found under the rear seats, perfect for small laptops and tablets.

VW ID.2all Specs

Built on VW’s ever-adaptable MEB platform, the ID.2all will be the brand’s first front-wheel drive car built on the platform. At such a price point, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The single electric motor, however, is no slouch and outputs 222 horsepower (about 20 less than the current Golf GTI) and will propel the ID.2all in less than seven seconds.

Volkswagen is looking to have the small EV have a range of up to 279 miles based on the WLTP protocol. Even accounting for the transition to the EPA system, that is still a range of 230-250 miles, from a vehicle that is well below $30,000.

Volkswagen is looking to bring the ID.2all to production in Europe by 2025 at a price of 25,000 euros. Typically these prices include the mandatory 19% VAT, which means the true comparison in dollars would be about $21,500 (plus your local taxes). That’s an incredibly low price not only for an EV, but a car in general.

Unfortunately for us, there seem to be no plans to bring the ID.2all to the US (that’s not really “2all” of you, Volkswagen). Still, the production of the ID.2all should eventually cascade its way into an affordable EV for the US market, unless Tesla gets its “Model 2” in order first.

What do you guys think?

Source: Volkswagen

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