Tesla Possibly Plans to Unveil Model Y on March 15, 2019 (Maybe)

by Denis Gurskiy

During a series of tweets on Wednesday responding to his followers, our Main Man Elon Musk responded to a question about when the Model Y will be unveiled. March 15th apparently. 

44 minutes later Musk admitted that he “made that up” because the “Ides of March sounded good” (the day Julius Ceaser was assassinated for those unaware). But also to consider the date as possible as the Model Y is supposed to be revealed anytime from late 2018 to mid-2019.

So the Model Y may possibly or not be unveiled on the 15th of March. What we do know though is that the unveil of the Model Y (whether it be March 15th or the end of 2018) will coincide with production of the $35,000 standard range version of the Model 3. Hopefully by that time the production of the Model 3 will be fully optimized with current performance pointing that it will as Tesla is finally on track to produce 5,000 units a week. Musk has stated that the Model Y will have a demand as high as 1 million units per year. So having its production being started alongside the standard range version of the Model 3 will be a real test of Tesla’s production prowess.

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