Tesla Bodywork Repair Now Can Be Done in Service Centers and Mobile Service

by Denis Gurskiy
Tesla Service Center

Tesla has recently announced that it will start to offer minor body work repair at both its service centers and mobile service technicians.

Tesla has been infamous for its long wait times in regards to vehicle repairs. There was a lot of finger pointing as Tesla was placing the blame on the third-party repair shops while the shops were blaming Tesla for not sending out the parts quick enough.

Regardless of whose fault it was, the end result was that customers would have to wait months for repairs that at most would take weeks with traditional cars. For instance, Tesla was ranked last place in the EV-loving country of Norway for its quality of service.

Since then, Tesla has been trying to curb the frustrations of customers by “adding 300 body shops to its network” along with features such as automatic replacement part ordering. In further efforts to reduce delays, Tesla revised its official servicing recommendations and eliminated annual maintenance checklists. Instead, owners will come on an “as-needed” basis when a specific part needs to be maintenance. This actions allows for cars to stay longer on the road and Service Centers to not be as packed.

Now Tesla has taken the next step to try and streamlines its repair timelines. Recently they have announced that they will do collision repair in-house. Here is the full announcement.

“We are excited to announce that Tesla Service is now performing collision repair at our Service Centers and through Mobile Service. Having your vehicle repaired by Tesla ensures quality work, quick service and transparent pricing.

Available repairs include:

  • Paint scuffs and scratches
  • Minor dents
  • Bumper, fender, door, side mirrors and other bolt-on replacements

To have Tesla Service confirm your repair, select “Collision Repair” in the Service Menu of your Tesla app and choose your desired appointment time. If Mobile Service is available, we will coordinate sending a technician to you.”

Hopefully, this new addition to Tesla’s repair workflow will help gets cars in and out much quicker. We will look forward to hearing from owners who experienced the new setup.

What do you guys think? Let us know down in the comments below.

Source: Teslarati

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