Rimac Delays C_Two Electric Supercar Reveal

by Denis Gurskiy

Rimac joins many other automakers who have had their electric car reveal plans wrecked. While some automakers like BMW resorted to revealing their cars online, companies like Lucid and now Rimac have opted to wait to reveal their cars in a physical manner when they are able to.

In the newest installment of ‘Mondays with Mate’ where Rimac CEO Mate Rimac sits down and gives periodic updates about the Croatian automaker’s progress and answer some questions that viewers and fans might have. The latest video has Rimac talking about recent world events and how it has impacted operations at the factory.

First and foremost, the reveal of the final production version of the Rimac C_Two has been delayed to an undetermined time. Rimac states that they really wanted to reveal the electric supercar in front of a live audience that could touch and sit in the car and interact with them directly. As such they have decided to not have a digital reveal and will wait until the opportunity arises for them to reveal the car in the flesh.

Additionally, as you have guessed, most of Rimac’s staff is working remotely from home. There are a few people coming in to help build the C_Two prototypes for crash tests and other testing purposes, but Rimac states that these employees are appearing completely voluntarily. The company has not forced anyone to come to work if they don’t feel safe and do not intend to fire anyone. In fact, the company is still looking to hire more people and is proceeding with interviews.

Lastly, Rimac states that from a financial standpoint the automaker has enough cash to last through 12 months in a worst-case scenario so Rimac is not overly concerned about it from that aspect at this point.

It’s a shame that the C_Two is getting its reveal delayed as it is probably the most exciting electric car currently on our radar and one of the few cars that would be able to go toe-to-toe with the planned specs of the Tesla Roadster.

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