Revised Tesla Cybertruck Design to Be Shown in About a Month

by Denis Gurskiy

It’s changing one day, then it remains the same the next day. Even though we have seen the vehicle in its entirety almost a whole year ago, the final design of the Tesla Cybertruck is still up in the air. While the production version should primarily look like the version we have been seeing, Tesla has been going back and forth with various little changes to the Cybertruck design since the reveal of the electric truck.

The proportions and overall size of the Cybertruck have been under question from almost the moment it was revealed. Musk previously stated that they have “reduced size by ~3%, center line is more level & lower window sill height” of their Cybertruck model.

Musk would later go back on this comment and said that after further discussion with Franz, they found that even a 3% size reduction would be too small for the truck, but it did give us the understanding that a future small electric truck would be “highly likely” from the brand in some undefined amount of time.

At that point, most of us had imagined that Musk and Tesla were done with trying to play around with the design and that what we had initially seen

would be more or less the final product (although probably with actual side view mirrors). How Musk would go on Twitter yesterday to state that new pictures for the Cybertruck would be released and that there will be some small changes.

While the overall size might stay the same, something like the window sill height might still be able to be updated and might be reflected in the updated design. We might also get our first look at what the Cybertruck will look like with actual side view mirrors. One feature request that has been gaining traction is the ability for the rear windows to roll down so that extra-long items could pass through the opening. I’m not sure how small these little details will be and if they will even be able to be experienced in photos, but I suppose we will all find out in a month or so.

The delivery start date is still about a year away and the actual factory building the Cybertruck isn’t finished, so there is room for changes here and there, but people don’t like uncertainty so let’s hope that this can be the actual final design of the production car. 

What do you guys think will be changed? Let us know down in the comments below.


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