Porsche Delays Taycan Cross Turismo Electric Wagon to 2021

by Denis Gurskiy

For those awaiting an electric station wagon to enter the market unfortunately you still have some waiting to do. Porsche recently announced that they will be delaying the Taycan Cross Turismo, a station wagon variant of the standard Taycan, to next year.

After the announcement of the Mission E concept car that would eventually transform into the production Taycan, Porsche announced that there would be a station wagon version of the electric car as well to appeal to those who maybe wanted a little bit extra space (or who simply like the station wagon body style like me). While the Cross Turismo was supposed to come a year after the launch of the regular Taycan, meaning the end of 2020, Porsche has stated that it would be delaying the launch to next year.

According to Bloomberg the delay was framed in a relatively positive way as the reasoning given for it by Porsche was that there was strong demand for the regular Taycan. They wrote:

“The change is no disadvantage for us; we just optimized the cycle plan,” Blume said. Porsche “looks to the future with confidence” because recovering demand in China helped the company generate more earnings than any other European automaker in the first half of the year.

So instead of the delay happening due to things like budget concerns, Porsche intends to presumably spend more time on getting more Taycans out to market before splitting some of their production capacity to build the Cross Turismo as well.

We also know that the second model year of the Taycan will receive a few updates and upgrades, so presumably Porsche will want to wait for those features to be set into the model instead of producing a current Cross Turismo that will need to be minorly changed up in a few months after it starts production.

The Cross Turismo should share the same specs as it’s sedan sibling, but we have yet to see any confirmation if it will have the same spread of varients as the regular Taycan does.

How do you guys feel about the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, let us know down in the comments below.

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1 comment

Hans C.Thumm August 30, 2020 - 3:01 pm

I would prefer to see the 2WD Taycan before the station wagon. The 2WD Taycan with the small battery eventually would have the best range of all Taycan models and most probable would produce the most fun to drive around corners. And by the way- in China you can buy it already!


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