Porsche Offers a Taycan Coffee Table Book – Surprisingly Affordable

by Denis Gurskiy

Own a Porsche Taycan, or just really like the Taycan? Well, Porsche has a book for all the fans out there, and you don’t even have to wait until the holidays to get it.

Recently we stumbled up a book titled Roads to Taycan being sold on the Porsche website. The Taycan certainly represents a big marker in Porsche’s storied history and acts as an indicator of what is to come for the German performance brand. 

Naturally, it seems like Porsche would want to commemorate their first all-electric production car and have released a nice coffee table book chronicling the journey of the Taycan’s production from start to finish.

The product description reads:

The Taycan is the first purely electrically powered sports car from Porsche. It marks the beginning of a new era. The new model was tested under extreme conditions in preparation for standard series production.


The photo volume Roads to Taycan, available exclusively from Christophorus Edition, offers impressive documentation of various stages of testing in such locations as South Africa, Sweden and Shanghai. The photos were taken by Christoph Bauer, who has been photographing for Porsche since 1985. Most of the images are exclusively published here for the first time.

Additionally, it looks that the printing of the Taycan coffee table book is limited to only 2,019 copies which are each hand-numbered to let you know which unit you have.

With coffee table books being pretty expensive the £50 price tag for the books seems to be pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, it seems that the book is only available on the UK Porsche store with no option of shipping internationally to North America. So sorry US fans/owners I hope you have an English friend to help you out.

What do you guys think of coffee table books? Do you have any books about specific models of cars? Let us know down in the comments below.

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