Electric Nissan Ariya Production Patent Design Possibly Leaked

by Denis Gurskiy

It seems that leaks of upcoming electric cars continue to fly. Yesterday it was alleged pictures of the production BMW iX3, this time it is alleged patent art for Nissan’s upcoming production version of the Ariya electric SUV.

This time the leak comes courtesy of the Instagram account cars_secrets who posted alleged pattern art of Nissan’s upcoming electric SUV. While at first glance it might appear to be a model of the actual Ariya Concept that was already shown, there are very subtle differences in the design that might point to the fact that this is the production version of the car instead.

Starting from the front, we are able to see some subtle differences. There seem to be small rectangles which might be lights, at the bottom of the triangular cut-outs on the sides of the face. Additionally, there is now a cover for the tow hook as well as a change to the bottom lip, which now has four columns running along it.

The rear end also is mostly true to the original concept. Once again there is a small cover for the tow hook in the rear and the rear bumper has seen a very slight redesign. There is no way to tell if the cool NISSAN logo within the lightbar will make it on the production car, but I remain doubtful that we will see it.

Lastly, the side profile has very minor changes as well. The charging port which used to border the driver side door has not been slightly moved towards the front of the car. That’s the only definite change. Also personally to me it seems like the front and rear of the production version are slightly longer when compared to the concept, but that may just be my eyes playing tricks on me.

You might have noticed by now that the patent art does not have mirrors included. While some areas have legalized the use of side-view cameras instead of mirrors, the patent art doesn’t seem to have anything resembling a camera on the sides either.

If this actually is the production version of the Ariya, it is nice to see that Nissan stuck as close to the original concept as possible. Unfortunately, we still do not have any real specifications as Nissan did not even throw out any hypothetical specifications for the Ariya when it was first unveiled. Rumors of a 300-mile range have been thrown around, but nothing more.

What do you guys think of the potential production version of the Ariya? Let us know down in the comments below.

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