Electric Hummer to Compete With Bollinger Motors

by Jack

The world was taken by surprise when Bollinger Motors announced their intention to bring an outdoorsy electric vehicle to market. It didn’t have significantly long range, no out of this world performance specs, it didn’t even have airbags. Bollinger Motors created a class of its own only comparing with the short lived Hummer brand.

The all-aluminum Bollinger B1 has a 10,001 LB GVWR making it technically a class 3 commercial vehicle. Even with its massive 120 kWh battery you only get an estimated 200 miles of EPA range due to it’s non aerodynamic friendly design. It’s impressive 614 horsepower gives the truck a 0-60 of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 100 mph. The companies second vehicle, the Bollinger B2, holds very similar specs while also including a truck bed for those looking to work out of an electric vehicle.

We’ve been waiting years for these two vehicles to hit the streets and now they’re right around the corner. Bollinger Motors is expected to enter production towards the second half of this year. With a starting price of $125,000 this vehicle wont be for everyone, but it’ll certainly spark joy in many with its off-road capabilities. A year ago the new automaker boasted hitting 25,000 reservations.

Now, as the company is entering it’s final stages before production, some competition is arising. According to The Wall Street Journal, GM will revive the Hummer name as an electric truck. Rather than be its own stand-alone brand as before, GM plans to shift things up a bit. The new electric Hummer will be a truck model under the GMC label.

The GMC Hummer is expected to be unveiled during the Super Bowl. The automaker has hired NBA champion LeBron James to promote the electric truck in the commercial airing next month. No other details have been shared as of yet.

The revival comes excepted as GM previously announced plans to produce a new group of premium electric trucks and SUVs beginning late 2021. Rumors of the Hummer name being resurrected surfaced around the same time. Now, a 2022 electric Hummer is all but confirmed.

Bollinger Motors clearly took some inspiration from the expired Hummer brand. The two share a very close boxy aesthetic with some even calling Bollinger what Hummer should have been. Tesla, Rivian, and even Ford are also planning some upcoming electric trucks but none as reminiscent to the iconic Hummer design as Bollinger.

It’s technically unknown if the new electric Hummer will even follow the previous notable boxy design. I personally can’t see a world with Hummer taking on a new shape. An electric Hummer isn’t anything new as we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger convert his H1 a few years back.

With the stated plans it looks like Bollinger will not be in a market of one any longer. The two will most likely go head-to-head being the only box shaped electric vehicles available. Bollinger has a head start in the race but Hummer certainly has the experience. We have to wonder how many current Bollinger reservations will be converted over to the well recognized brand. If GM can clock the electric Hummer in below Bollingers $125,000 starting price, that could be all they need to surpass.

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