BMW 1-Series i1 Electric Hatchback Coming Soon

by Jack

Since the release of the 2013 BMW i3, the company hasn’t really done much in regards to electrification but that’s soon to change. There are already three electric cars slated for a 2020 to 2021 release date, the iX3, i4, and iNEXT. That covers the sedan, SUV, and electric crossover segments but what about small cars and affordability? That’s where the newly announced BMW i1 comes into play.

BMW has previously stated they would short-term focus on plug-in vehicles in order to create a smooth transition into electrification but that hasn’t slowed down their overall development or long-term goals. The company is scheduled to release 12 fully electric cars and 13 plug-in hybrids across the globe in the next four years.

According to Auto Express, an entry level affordable BMW i1 is in the works. Simply based on the present 1-series, this will add to our growing list of electric hatchbacks. The company is developing a unique vehicle architecture that will allow for an all-electric version as well as a plug-in hybrid option on each of their electrified models.

We first heard of a BMW i1 rumor way back in 2018. The electric hatchback was expected to be based on the new electric Mini platform. While that could still hold true today, I openly hope the company makes some improvements to their range for their premium cars. The i4 is expected to have options up to 375 miles of range.

The iX3 is scheduled to begin production in 2020 with orders already being taken. Following that, the i4 and iNext will begin in 2021. If we had to guess, this i1 electric hatchback will officially debut in 2020 with production scheduled for 2021 as well. It’s worth noting that the current BMW 1 Series is not available in the U.S so this vehicle could likely not make it to the states for a few years after its initial launch.

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