1000+ HP Electric BMW M5 Reported to Debut in 2024

by Denis Gurskiy

A report from UK’s CAR magazine states that there are two electrified versions of the next BMW M5 performance sedan coming, a plug-in hybrid, and a fully electric version making over 1,000 hp.

The next generation of BMW’s long-standing 5-series of sedans is still a little bit aways as the current generation is only about three years old. New camouflaged pre-production models of current-gen facelifted models have been spotted being tested, but the next-generation 5-series are not expected to make their debut until mid to late 2023. BMW’s performance M-division will not finish their performance version of the 5-series for around another year afterwards, meaning the electric BMW M5 is still about four years out.

That being said, at this point, the 2024 BMW M5 will be the first of BMW’s performance-oriented M cars to be offered in an electrified capacity according to CAR. There will be two versions,  plug-in hybrid that features a V8 engine along with electric motors, making about 750bhp.

A fully electric version will also accompany the plug-in hybrid. The report states that it will feature a tri-motor setup with two electric motors in the rear, totaling to 750 kW of power, or about 1,006bhp. The German automaker is also targeting a 0-62 mph time of 2.9 seconds. and a WLTP rated range of 435 miles using a 135 kWh battery.

While the specification are great, Tesla’s upcoming Plaid tri-motor Model S will probably be able to exceed or come close to most of these specifications. The Plaid Model S is supposed to come this summer, the electric M5, four years from now.

A member of the M-Division R&D team is made aware of the uphill battle and reportedly stated:

“The Bavarian Motor Works are latecomers to the EV scene, and the same applies unfortunately to autonomous driving. Mid-term, our only stable competitive advantage is ride, handling and roadholding. But the biggest challenge by far is cost, which is why the board has buried the projected halo car.”

The halo car in the statement presumably refers to BMW’s recent decision to not move forward with producing their electric BMW Vision M NEXT which would have been an i8 successor. 

It is good to know that BMW knows that they are late to the game, even though ironically enough, they were one of the first to enter with the i3 and then just kind off slept through the years. People will certainly look for alternatives from the Model S, especially if it doesn’t receive a substantial refresh in the next four years. But in 2024, BMW will not only have to compete against the Model S, Audi will have had their e-tron GT come, Mercedes with an EQS, and Porsche with a possibly updated Taycan. 

We have heard rumors of a powerful electric BMW 7-series coming, but once again it seems to be at least three years away.

How do you guys feel about BMW’s electric timetable? Do you think they need to step up the pace, or do you think they will be fine and will have willing customers regardless of when they release their electric cars? Let us know down in the comment below.

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