Tesla Model S/X Now Show Ranges of 390 & 351 Miles, Along With New Wheels

by Denis Gurskiy

Tesla continues to edge the top end range of their models further and further away from their competition as the Model S/X have received a small update to increase their ranges closer to the elusive 400-mile mark.

Last week Tesla updated the ranges on their site for the Model S and Model X which now sport a range of 390 miles and 351 miles, respectively. The increase in the total range also came with an increase of model name length as they are both known as ‘Long Range Plus’ instead of the previous ‘Long Range’.

Tesla has clearly made a habit of these little incremental updates that push the performance of their current offering of cars even higher. Less than a year ago both the Model S and X received an upgraded powertrain (dubbed “raven”) which brought their ranges up to the previous best 373-mile and 325-mile mark.

With the ‘Plaid’ upgrade supposedly coming later this year which will bring a much more powerful battery and motors, it seems that Tesla is trying to push their current powertrain setup to its absolute limits.

When the current was first announced, we were confused if this would be some sort of hardware update, but Musk quickly went on twitter to clarify that “All S/X cars made in recent months have actually been above stated EPA range. Will be unlocked soon for free via software update.”

To the disappointment of some, there was no upgrade to the charging rate, so those owners that have the Raven powertrain will still be limited to 200 kW charging and not be able to fully utilize 250 kW charging from Supercharger V3 stations. Some might state that will almost 400 miles of range, the little boost in range does not mean much and they would rather be able to charge faster. However by my understanding the limiting factor there would be from the actual wiring of the car itself and so cannot be improved with a software update.

There was also no increase to the top speed of 0-60 mph time.

But hey, free range is free range.

Along with the small range update, the Model S is now available with new 19″ Tempest wheels which might contribute a little to the increased range as they look a bit flatter and more aerodynamic. I am not the biggest fan of them, but maybe that will change when I see them in person.

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