Tesla Discontinues The Mid-Range Model 3

by Denis Gurskiy

Tesla has been having a very chaotic March. There have been price increases, price decreases, people being fired, people not being fired, and a new Model Y reveal. Just when we thought Tesla has finished making adjustments, it hits us with perhaps one last change, the discontinuation of the mid-range Model 3. Tesla had brought up the mid-range Model 3 back in October, affectionately known as the Lemur. The mid-range Model 3 was meant as some sort of compensation for those that were waiting for the standard-range Model 3. As Tesla could not bring the new $35.000 standard-range Model 3 to market before their tax credit was halved to $3,750, they brought the mid-range Model 3 who would have a price under $35,000 “after savings”.

The mid-range had the same battery pack as the long-range Model 3 did, albeit with fewer battery cells within it, giving it a range of 260 miles. This gives a bit more credence to the idea that the mid-range was put together at the last minute as a mad dash to get as many buyers as possible before the tax credit ran out.

However, now with the release of the standard-range Model 3, there does not make much sense to still keep the mid-range Model 3 around.

The Model 3 lineup was starting to get kind of cramped. With the ‘Standard Range Plus’ Model 3 getting an increase in range from 220 mile to 240 miles, it put it only 20 miles behind that of the mid-range Model 3. On top of that, it was priced around the same price as the current long-range RWD model which has a whopping 325 mile range.
So it makes perfect business sense for Tesla to get rid of the mid-range Model 3. It can be inferred that any plans that Musk and Tesla had to bring the mid-range Model to Europe and Asia is effectively scrapped.

Rest in peace Lemur, we hard knew ye.

Check out the updated configurator.

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