Tesla (Almost) Sweeps 2020 Kelley Blue Book Luxury Brand Image Awards

by Denis Gurskiy

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently revealed the winners of their Brand Image Awards which highlight the best car brands in a multitude of different categories, separated between regular and luxury cars. This year Tesla stole the show and made away with five of the six awards it was eligible for.

The five awards that Tesla won included: Best Overall Luxury Brand, Best Value Luxury Brand, Most Refined Luxury Brand, Best Performance Luxury Brand, and Best Styling Luxury Brand. The only award that it did no win was the Most Trusted Luxury Brand award which went to Toyota’s luxury Lexus brand.

KBB wrote:

For the first time, upstart EV-maker Tesla breaks into the Overall Brand Award. For several years, it had been knocking at the door with its Model S and Model 3, snagging individual model recognition by KBB shoppers. By producing its one-millionth vehicle, Tesla demonstrates that it’s here to stay as a force in the new vehicle market. In addition to its large volume Model 3, it continues to set the pace with its Model S luxury sedan and Model X people-mover.

Looking at the winners of last year’s awards, Tesla did well to overcome a lot of their current competition as the award winners last year were much more diverse. The 2019 winners were as follows:

  • Best Overall: Lexus
  • Most Trusted: Lexus
  • Best Value: Acura
  • Most Refined: Mercedes-Benz
  • Best Performance: Porsche
  • Best Styling: Porsche

Those are some of the most storied automakers in the world and Tesla was able to steal these awards from them this year, quite a feat.

For those interested in how this data was collected and formed into awards, KBB described it as:

This data doesn’t come from an online poll or a quick survey. The Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards draw on insights from more than 12,000 in-market, new-vehicle shoppers who research their purchases on KBB.com. This data is compiled as part of our annual Brand Watch Study, which is designed to track consumer trends and attitudes towards new vehicles on the market today.

Will Tesla be able to make a clean sweep next year? Let us know down below in the comments.

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