There is A Possible Lamborghini Hybrid Launching in 2021

by David Mowatt
Lamborghini hybrid

In a recent interview with Automotive News, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali alluded to the production of a potential future Lamborghini hybrid expected to launch in 2021.

In his interview with Automotive News, Stefano Domenicali discussed the automaker’s plans for electrification, potentially adding a fourth model to its current lineup of Aventador, Huracán and Urus to push annual sales beyond 10,000 units, as well as sales figures for the newly released Urus SUV.

When questioned on whether or not the automaker’s fourth product had potential to be a 2+2 GT, the ideal successor to the Espada launched in 1968, Domenicali responded:

“We are working hard to combine high performance with interior space and driving comfort in a package that, designwise, should be striking as well as highly efficient in terms of aerodynamics. Our target is to reach the market between 2025 and 2027, so we are not in a hurry. We also have to decide which would be the right powertrain in such a time frame and in a segment we have not competed in for over 40 years.”

The interviewer went on to ask if a fully-electric 2+2 GT was possible, prompting Domenicali to state:

“It is, but together with a high-performance plug-in hybrid. Our final decision should combine what Volkswagen Group could offer in terms of available technology with what Lamborghini customers are asking for. This is the most difficult decision we have to take at Lamborghini and, luckily, we still have time to ponder all the available options. As of today, we do not hear that Lamborghini customers are asking for a battery-powered model, but maybe in seven to nine years they will be — and we should be ready.”

When asked about the possible release window of a Lamborghini hybrid, Domenicali respond:

“Probably around 2021, with the Aventador replacement that will add a motor to its V-12 engine. The same will happen later also on the V-10 family, when we replace the Huracan. A plug-in model is the only way to maintain performance and keep Lamborghini’s engine sound while also reducing emissions.”

Lamborghini has struggled to achieve the desired performance from test engines that have included twin-turbo V6s and a V8 in the past, but we remain optimistic that the automaker will be able to produce a successful Lamborghini hybrid by utilizing the V12 and V10 engines at their disposal in the near future.

Additionally, it would seem we are still a ways off from seeing a fully electric Lamborghini come to market.

Source: Automotive News



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