Nissan Unveils Their Brand New NV300 Concept-Van

by David Mowatt

In an attempt to highlight the versatility of their commercial vehicles, Japanese automaker Nissan has recently unveiled their brand new NV300 Concept-van at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium.

The NV300 was developed and created as a result of the collaboration between Nissan and Studio Hardie, a team of highly respected British problem solving designer makers, and has been fully kitted out as a mobile workshop for creative professionals working in any sector or trade, especially woodworking.

The van concept features one of the first implementations of Nissan Energy ROAM, a weatherproof, integrated battery power pack capable of silently providing power for tools and equipment completely free of emissions. The ROAM portable battery pack system is crafted from second-life batteries recovered from Nissan LEAF electric vehicles and features a storage capacity of 700Wh and maximum power output of 1kW. According to Nissan, the power pack can be recharged using a solar panel accessory mounted on the roof of the van allowing for an off-grid power solution. According to Nissan, the ROAM system “offers a clean, sustainable solution for customers needing electricity on the go.”

Francesco Giacalone, LCV Planning and Marketing Director, Nissan Europe, commented on the NV300 Concept-van’s unveiling, stating:

“With the NV300 Concept-van, Nissan is really thinking about the future of the commercial vehicle as an authentic partner for business customers. It’s practical and versatile as well as innovative and self-sufficient with the addition of Nissan Energy ROAM. We believe it has enormous potential in the LCV sector and is a key differentiator for Nissan commercial vehicles.”

The NV300’s interior features an integrated tough-screen computer, LED ceiling lighting, bespoke storage, and swivel seating as well.

While the NV300 Concept-van is currently available for purchase within Europe, Nissan’s new Energy ROAM system is set to launch in the European market sometime in spring 2019.

Source: Nissan

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