Electric Chrysler Portal Van Confirmed for Production

by David Mowatt
Chrysler Portal concept

After its initial concept unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in early 2017, the Chrysler Portal has finally been confirmed for mass-production.

In its concept form, the Chrysler Portal came equipped with a surprising 100 kWh battery which, at the time, was said to achieve an estimated range of about 250 miles. Given its rather small form factor, it was very impressive to hear that the electric van would be capable of such a wide range. With the confirmation of its production, we wouldn’t be surprised if battery capacity were improved slightly on the production model of the Chrysler Portal.

During its initial unveiling, the Chrysler Portal also boasted  350-kW DC fast charging capability. By the time the electric van makes its way into the hands of customers, Electrify America’s charging network should be available in a number of locations, and would be capable of offering the required level of charging power. With Electrify America’s charging networks, charging the Chrysler Portal should, in theory, be even more convenient than charging a Tesla model with the current Tesla Supercharge network.

One unfortunate change from the original concept model is the apparent removal of the Chrysler Portal’s autonomous functionality, as it seems unlikely that Chrysler will be able to fully implement the technology in time for its production rollout in 2020.

Chrysler has since described the electric van in the following statement:

“To create the next generation family transportation, FCA sought the collaboration and fresh ideas of millennials working inside its design and engineering functions. Those ideas led to the Chrysler Portal concept — created by millennials for millennials.


“​​Millennials are a tech-savvy, environmentally-aware, cost-conscious generation. The Chrysler Portal concept is designed to respond to these needs and it explores the possibility of what a family transportation vehicle could look like for the millennial generation as their lifestyles evolve.​​​


“The flexibility, adaptability and technology features also make it ideal for business and commercial applications, such as ride hailing, car sharing and delivery services.”

Source: Automotive News



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