Nissan LEAF Electric Car — The Best-Selling EV Across Europe

by David Mowatt
Nissan leaf electric car

The Nissan LEAF electric car has recently taken the crown as the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe with over 40,000 units sold across the entire continent.

As of January 21, 2019, over 12,000 fully-electric Nissan LEAF models were sold in Norway alone, with many buyers opting for the LEAF over other electric and gas-powered vehicles. Norway’s strong focus on sustainability and strict stand against harmful carbon dioxide emissions has been cited as a possible reason for the LEAF’s success. As it currently stands, the Nissan LEAF electric car is the best-selling vehicle overall in the country as well as the best-selling electric vehicle in the United Kingdom.

In addition to it’s extremely positive reception in the European market, the Nissan LEAF electric car has remained the world’s best-selling electric vehicle with over 380,000 units sold globally since it’s initial debut back in 2010.

Ken Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe, commented on the recent announcement, stating:

“This latest announcement marks the start of a very optimistic 2019 for our EV range. The fact that the Nissan LEAF is still the default choice for EV buyers in Europe is a testament to its all-round capability as the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – especially with the ever-growing range of competitors.


“We can celebrate standout sales success with Norway as an example, as it highlights how the Nissan electric ecosystem has established itself as a sustainable lifestyle choice in a relatively short space of time. With the range now stronger than ever, we look forward to welcoming more customers to EV ownership in the coming months.”

In order to ensure that the Nissan LEAF continues to sell well across all markets, the Japanese automaker has recently announced a new, updated version of the electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF e+, known as the LEAF PLUS within the U.S. and Canada. The updated LEAF reportedly sports a 62 kWh battery pack as well as an estimated range of 226 miles. The upgraded LEAF e+ battery is currently being developed at Nissan’s own factories and is just 5mm taller than the 40 kWh pack of previous LEAF models.

The Nissan LEAF e+ is expected to launch in summer 2019.

Source: Nissan

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