2019 Nissan LEAF Electric Car Wins Australia’s Green Innovation Award

by David Mowatt
Nissan LEAF electric car

The second-generation Nissan LEAF electric car has just won the Drive.com.au Car of the Year Green Innovation, its first major Australian automotive award.

According to Drive.com.au, the second-generation Nissan LEAF electric car has been recognized for its outstanding abilities that go beyond that of a typical electric vehicle thanks to its ground-breaking Nissan Intelligent Mobility vehicle-to-grid technology, which enables the vehicle to share power between homes, buildings, and power grids.

According to Nissan, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology encompasses three core areas of innovation: how their vehicles are powered (Nissan Intelligent Power), how they are driven (Nissan Intelligent Driving), and how they are integrated into society (Nissan Intelligent Integration).

By utilizing vehicle-to-home systems, the Nissan LEAF electric car battery is able to store excess power during the day which it can then use help power homes or businesses in the evening.

Drive.com.au’s seven expert judges on the Drive Car of the Year panel recognized the LEAF’s ground-breaking abilities, and saw fit to award the electric vehicle with the Car of the Year Green Innovation, their most prestigious award.

Andrew Maclean, Editor in Chief of the Drive Network, stated:

“There are significant advantages in driving an electric car, but the Nissan LEAF takes those benefits beyond the driving experience with the ability to save money when it’s in the driveway. The Nissan LEAF-to-Home function makes the electric car more appealing than ever.”

Stephen Lester, Nissan Australia Managing Director, added:

“Drive Car of the Year is one of the most important awards in the industry, and we are delighted with the recognition bestowed on new Nissan LEAF. The benefits of owning a LEAF are considerable. The high power and torque make it incredibly fun to drive, it’s inexpensive to run on a daily basis and the vehicle-to-grid benefits are ground breaking in what they offer owners. This is wonderful recognition for LEAF, Nissan, and a global team that put so much effort into the advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies included as standard equipment on this vehicle.”

The second-generation Nissan LEAF has had nothing short of a phenomenal year. After being granted one of the most coveted awards in the electric vehicle industry, along with its explosive sales in Europe and Japan, it’s safe to say that the LEAF is going to be one of the top electric vehicles to beat come 2019.

Source: Nissan

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