Nissan Denies Rumors Surrounding New LEAF Battery

by David Mowatt

Despite recent reports and rumors surrounding the new LEAF battery, Nissan has just denied that South Korean multinational electronics company LG Electronics will be the supplier of the necessary cells.

After finally releasing new information regarding the upcoming Nissan LEAF e+, known as the LEAF PLUS within the U.S. and Canada, the Japanese automaker was quick to put a longstanding rumor to bed. Since its announcement, rumors have circulated around the new LEAF’s battery, with many believing for years that the upgraded 62 kWh battery pack would be produced by utilizing LG Chem cells.

The LEAF e+’s 62 kWh battery is reportedly just 5mm taller than the previous 40 kWh pack and allows for an impressive estimated range of 226 miles, a dramatic improvement from the 150-mile range of previous generations.

Due to conflicting and somewhat ambiguous reports, speculation arose surrounding the upgraded LEAF battery. Representatives from Electric Revs reached out to Nissan executives in an attempt to dispel further LG rumors. Through a brief interview, it was finally revealed that Nissan has not been working alongside LG to develop their LEAF battery, and would, in fact, be producing all of their batteries at their own factories.

According to Nissan spokesperson Jeff Wandell:

“LG does not supply any cells for our batteries, both in the US and globally, for either the 40 or 62 kWh battery. LG is not a supplier for Nissan LEAF batteries or cells. Nissan manufactures the batteries for the [US] Nissan LEAF at our battery plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.”

Nissan subsidiary Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC) currently operates the Smyrna battery factory. Despite Nissan’s attempt to sell AESC over the past two years, Wandell was also quick to confirm that the subsidiary was still owned by Nissan as there were no buyers to complete the sale.

There is currently no word on how much the LEAF e+ will cost, but the price point has been rumored to start at around $36,000.

Source: Electric Revs

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