Electric Honda Fit will Have 186-Mile Range and Price Below $20,000

by Denis Gurskiy

According to a media report from Nikkei Honda plans to team up with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), the largest battery maker in the world, to develop a brand new Honda Fit.

The new car will be introduced in China first and then to the rest of the world by the first half of 2020. The goal of this vehicle is to be first of all affordable at slightly more than $18,000 (2 million Yen) and to be equipped with a battery that will give it a range of 186 miles (300km). With a range and price like that it’s no wonder Honda plans to sell more than 100,000 of them a year, making it the company’s top selling electric car.

Even if the 186 mile range comes from a lenient test and the real world is somewhere in the range of 120-150 miles on a charge, it still puts it within the realm of the 151 mile range of the Nissan Leaf. All that with a starting price that severely undercuts the $29,990 starting price of the Leaf.

If Honda can meet these two numbers without sacrificing too much on quality and comfort than this will be one of the most accessible EVs on the market.

Source: Nikkei


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